code::w2psqlImpl Member List

This is the complete list of members for code::w2psqlImpl, including all inherited members.

endTransaction() const code::w2psqlImpl [inline]
executeQuery(const std::string &query_in, std::vector< std::vector< std::string > > &result, bool commit=false) const code::w2psqlImpl [inline]
executeUpdate(const std::string &query, bool commit=false, bool asTransaction=false) const code::w2psqlImpl [inline]
getAddedRecords(std::vector< Index::Record > &) const code::w2psqlImpl [inline]
getUniqueTableName(const std::string &host, const std::string &fullName, const std::string &port="")code::w2psqlImpl [inline, static]
isValid() const code::w2psqlImpl [inline]
listenTo(const std::string &tableName) const code::w2psqlImpl [inline]
parseURL(const std::string &dburl, std::string &host, std::string &tableName, std::string &tablePath, std::string &seqName)code::w2psqlImpl [inline, static]
startTransaction() const code::w2psqlImpl [inline]
w2psqlImpl(const std::string &host="", const std::string &port="")code::w2psqlImpl [inline]
~w2psqlImpl()code::w2psqlImpl [inline]

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