WDSS-IIw2 Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
code::ActionEventA semantic event which indicates that an object-defined action occured
code::ActionListenerThe listener interface for receiving action events
code::ActionListenerAdapterTakes an ActionListener and makes it behave like an EventCallback
code::ActionSourceBase class which can be subclassed to make objects that can be observed
code::AIStreamAIStream provides an ASCII stream
code::AlgorithmThis is the abstract base class of every "service" or algorithm provided on the data structures in CODE
code::AlgorithmControlProvide XML-formatted notification from a control source
code::AlgorithmControl::ControlEventThe ActionEvent passed to an AlgorithmControl listener's actionPerformed() method
code::AlgTrackStructA DataType that encodes a set of previous locations and a set of predicted locations along with the data value + SpaceTimeRef associated with the BasicIcon
code::AngleStore an angle
code::AOStreamAOStream provides an ASCII stream for output
code::ArithConvenience math operations
code::AsciiDump< X >This is a template class whose requirements will be met by classes that wish to provide an ASCII dump of their contents (and to instantiate themselves from that dump)
code::AsciiLineReaderCollection of utilities for parsing ascii strings; not a `Reader' in the WDSSII sense
code::AutoPreprocessThis class uses w2config/misc/autoPreprocess.xml to determine how to preprocess the provided data
code::AwipsNetcdfDataEncoderWraps up the AwipsNetcdfEncoder class to act as a DataEncoder
code::AwipsNetcdfEncoderAwipsNetcdfEncoder will write lat-lon grids out in a format that the Awips Volume Browser will understand
code::AzRangeHeightContainer for azimuth, range, and height
code::BaselineUse this class to introduce the base line system completely
code::BasicIconThis is the base class of every DataType in the system that attaches a data value with a point in four-dimensional (space+time) space
code::BitsPrint< T >A class that aggregates any value of type T with sizeof( T ) <= 4
code::BOIStreamAn input stream that lets you deserialize data from a byte-swapped character array received from a persistent store
code::BOOStreamAn output stream that lets you serialize data into a byte-swapped character array suitable for persistent data that will shared between machines of different native byte order
code::BoundedAngleUnlike Angle, BoundedAngle stores the internal value within the range specified in the constructor
code::BufferThe class Buffer provides a convenient way to pass around data buffers without worrying about memory leaks
code::BufferAccumulatorHelper class for building a vector<char> when the final size isn't known in advance
code::BuilderA framework for creating objects whose constructors require arguments
code::BwerIconStructCylinder of appropriate size and color
code::ByteOrderByteOrder allows you to have a portable character representation of your class across architechtures
code::BzipWriterWriter subclass that handles writing to bzipped files
code::c_radialC Struct for Radial
code::c_radialsetC Struct for RadialSet
code::CalendarDateC++ wrapper for struct tm
code::CartesianGrid2DStore float data (for example, a cross-section of a 3-D data set) on an uniformly spaced and arbitrarily oriented grid that defines a 2-D cartesian coordinate system embedded in euclidean 3-D space
code::CartesianGrid3DStore float data on an uniformly spaced and arbitrarily oriented grid that defines a 3-D cartesian coordinate system in euclidean 3-D space
code::Collection< X >A collection is a special DataType; unlike Data1D and Data2D, for example, a Collection has no DimType associated with it
code::CompleteFileDataHandlerA DataHandler that processes complete files
code::CompleteFileReaderImplements the ProgressiveReader interface on files that are already complete, such as archive files
code::CompressionThis is an utility class that provides various compression and uncompression strategies
code::ConstantsA Class that serves as a namespace for named constants
code::ConstDynamicCast< FromClass >Will dynamic cast one const* pointer into another const* pointer
code::ContourDataContourData is a Collection of SingleContourData objects
code::ControlFilterDerived from ExternalFilter
code::ControlLBProvides control to algorithms using a linear buffer
code::CPointRepresentation of a geometric point in a 3-D cartesian space
code::CrossSectionGenerate a CartesianGrid2D that represents a slice through a 3-D data set
code::CStructHandlerProvides facilities for handling memory and converting C++ classes to corresponding C structs
code::CTripletStore a cartesian coordinate triplet
code::CVectorRepresentation of a geometric vector in a 3-D cartesian space
code::Data1D< T4, X >A one-dimensional container, part of DataType
code::Data2D< T3, T4, X >A Dim2D that is a DataType
code::Data2D< T3, T4, X >::DimTypeA Dimension type for Data2D, e.g
code::Data3D< T2, T3, T4, X >A three-dimensional container DataType
code::Data3D< T2, T3, T4, X >::CoordA coordinate for Data3D
code::Data3D< T2, T3, T4, X >::DimTypeA Dimension type for Data2D, e.g
code::Data4D< T1, T2, T3, T4, X >A four-dimensional container, part of DataType
code::Data4D< T1, T2, T3, T4, X >::CoordA coordinate for Data4D
code::Data4D< T1, T2, T3, T4, X >::DimTypeA Dimension type for Data4D, e.g
code::DataCellA cell of data
code::DataColumnA column of data
code::DataConverterThe DataConverter's static methods can be used to convert between code data types
code::DataConverter::LatLonPolarLookupA lookup that saves the computations required in doing a latlongrid-to-polargrid lookup
code::DataConverter::PolarCartesianLookupPrecomputed results that can improve the efficiency of Polar-Cartesian mapping
code::DataConverter::PolarLatLonLookupPrecomputed results that can improve the efficiency of Polar-LatLon mapping
code::DataConverter::RadialSetLookupThis class provides an efficient way to get the radial number and gate number corresponding to an azimuth-range pair
code::DataCropperModifies data by cropping it to the required dimensions
code::DataDirectoryManagerThe DataDirectoryManager will process files in the a data directory ( a directory with files of data ) and then farm the data in the files in chunks off to any attached DataHandler objects that have been added via the addDataHandler method
code::DataDirectoryManager::ConventionTestInterface which tests a filename to see if it matches a convention
code::DataDirectoryManager::RawConventionTestConventionTest object which returns true if fileName is 18 characters long and ends in ".raw"
code::DataEncoderAbstract baseclass of DataEncoders
code::DataFieldA field in a DataRow or DataTable
code::DataModifierBy default, a DataHandler does not do anything to the LatLonGrid
code::DataProviderThe DataProvider will look for new data in a directory or a LB and then farm the data in the files in chunks off to any attached DataHandler objects that have been added via the addDataHandler method
code::DataProvider::DataHandlerImplement a subclass of DataHandler to handle the data
code::DataRemapper< GridType >This class maps data in an input grid into the given output grid
code::DataRemapperBase< CartesianGrid2D >Stuff required for remapping cartesiangrids
code::DataRemapperBase< LatLonGrid >Stuff required for remapping lat-lon-grids
code::DataRemapperIndexLookup< GridType >All the information required for doing a remapping
code::DataScalerModifies data by scaling it
code::DataSliceA set of columns corresponding to the same field
code::DataStreamManagerThe DataStreamManager extends the DataDirectoryManager and allows it to manage data that arrives via a PIPE (such as standard input)
code::DataTableA collection of DataColumn objects
code::DataTrendA trend of numeric data
code::DataTypeThe abstract base class for all of the data objects in CODE
code::DataTypeHistory< T >Maintains a queue of the given DataType, expiring old data as new data is added
code::Datum< X >A basic Datum is four-dimensional -- a data value along with its geographical (spatial) and temporal reference
code::dBASEfileWill read in an Inprise Corp
code::dBASEfile::FieldDescriptorThe field descriptor within an Inprise dBASE file
code::DEMStore an area of heights as a LatLonGrid
code::DerivedSmartPtr< BaseType, DerivedType >Makes it possible to return a derived type pointer when a base type pointer is required (usually by a virtual function signature)
code::DevelopDevelop is a class that enables testing new functionality in CODE
code::Dim2D< X >A generic two-dimentional container, efficient enough for common use
code::Dim2D< X >::__normal_iterator< Y >
code::Dim2D< X >::CoordDimension type for Dim2D
code::DisplacementDisplacement vector between two points in space
code::DLLHDLLH Delta lat/lon/height class
code::DoNothingThreadMutexHas the same interface as the OPUP ThreadMutex but does nothing of the sort, since CODE/WDSS-II is not a threaded system
code::DynDimValThis is used to backward support dimension left over
code::ElevationVolumeA Data1D of RadialSets
code::EllipsoidDefines the Ellipspoid to use for map conversions
code::EnumerationThis creates a "enum" which unlike the C++ enum mechanism can be cast into a string
code::ErrorA single error message is denoted by Error
code::ErrorLogA singleton error logger class
code::ErrorLog::StreamsStreams to log to
code::EventCallbackThis is the abstract base class of all the inter-process event callbacks in the CODE/WDSSII system
code::EventHandlerEventHandler makes inter-process communication possible
code::EventHandler::CallbackInfoThe callback information stored for each callback
code::ExceptionSimulates the Java exception class except that there is no way to get a stack trace :(
code::ExtensionLoaderThis class, used by Baseline will use the environment variable W2_EXTENSION_LIBS which is a colon-separated list of libraries e.g:
code::ExternalFilterRuns an external filter program by providing it an index record as input and then allows access to the resulting index record
code::Factory< X >This class "introduces" new subclasses that have been created to the parent class
code::FAMEventHandlerEvent handler that monitors file creation using the inotify device
code::FAMIndexIndex that is meant to be used with the FAM protocol of notification
code::FAMIndexFactoryProvides a way to create an FAMIndex given the complete URL
code::FAMIndexNotifierSubclasses are database-specific implementations
code::FieldArrowStructAn encapsulation struct to transfer a Netcdf file into a data type and used for drawing field arrows as Icons
code::FieldInfoInformation about a field in a PointSetData
code::FileChangeNotifierThis ActionSource will check a given directory every time the function check() is invoked
code::FileChangeNotifier::FileInfoInformation about file that is stored in map
code::FileChangeNotifier::NotifierEventNotifierEvent is the event that gets passed to clients of FileChangeNotifier
code::FileWriterWriter subclass that handles writing to flat files
code::FilterFactoryWill search the filter directory and create filters
code::FormatterThe abstract class Formatter converts information contained in raw buffers to structured data objects
code::FunctionA general-purpose function class that can be used to specify callbacks
code::GeneralBuilderBuilds a DataType for display
code::GeneralSRVFormatterCreate a RadialSet according to storm relative motion parameters and velocity data
code::GISKeyThings that make a GIS object referable (linemap name+row name)
code::GLibUtilsUtility class for glib clients (code_LBInterface_glib, code_FileReader_glib) to emulate RSSD calls without using the rssd library
code::Grid2DStore an area of double data on a uniform 2-D grid that is orientated in lat/lon/height space
code::GzipWriterWriter subclass that handles writing to gzipped files
code::HeartbeatA singleton object that is used to write out heart beat messages on a timer by ErrorLog
code::IconDataAll of the information necessary for the display to construct an Icon
code::Image< T >A reference-counting method to store 2D raster data efficiently
code::IndexThe Index class defines a way of getting an Index::Record given some selection criteria
code::Index::EndDatasetEventPosted by certain Index objects when they reach the end of the dataset
code::Index::NewRecordEventPosted whenever a new record is added to this Index
code::Index::NewTimeStampEventPosted whenever a new time stamp occurs
code::Index::RecordA reference-counted class to keep track of the selections and builder params that are obtained using those selections
code::IndexBaseBase class of Index
code::IndexMonitorThis is a singleton that monitors the supplied Index objects, reconnecting to the Indexes if no records are received in the time specified
code::IndexRecordInformationThe Index::Record provides only the most reliable functionality
code::IndexRecordInformationImplA subclass of this class should be written for each data source and introduced using a Factory
code::IndexRecordNotifierAbstract base class of IndexRecordNotifiers
code::IndexWriterBase class for HiresIndexWriter and WISHIndexWriter
code::InfoImplNotAvailableExceptionA special type of InfoNotAvailableException, thrown when there is no implemenation of IndexRecordInformationImpl for this data source type
code::InfoNotAvailableExceptionClient applications that use the IndexRecordInformation class should be prepared to deal with the InfoNotAvailable exception
code::InitDerivedSmartPtr< BaseType, DerivedType >An Initialized Derived Pointer, where the object pointed to is always valid
code::InitSmartPtr< X >An InitSmartPtr is a SmartPtr
code::InMemoryIndexAn Index which implements the search capability using in-memory sets
code::InMemoryReaderBase class for Reader Decorators that load a URL's contents into a code::Buffer for massaging
code::InputStreamAn abstract base class that provides an overloaded >> operator for many basic types
code::IntroducerIntroduce into the appropriate factories all the basic classes of libwdssi
code::LambertA coordinate in a Lambert conformal coordinate system
code::LatLonContainer for latitude and longitude
code::LatLonGridStore an area of double data on a uniform 2-D grid of latitude and longitude at a constant height above the surface of the earth
code::LatLonHeightGridStore a volume of float data on a 3-D grid of latitude, longitude, and height above the surface of the earth
code::LatLonLambert1SPLatLonLambert provides conversions from Lambert Conformal (1SP) to LatLon and vice-versa
code::LatLonLambert2SPLatLonLambert provides conversions from Lambert Conformal (2SP) to LatLon and vice-versa
code::LatLonLambertNIDSLatLonLambertNIDS provides conversions from Unisys Lambert Conformal to LatLon
code::LBActionSourceLBActionSource makes the linear buffer behave as an ActionSource, providing notifications of message addition and removal
code::LBActionSource::LBEventLBEvent is the ActionEvent posted by the LBActionSource
code::LBEventHandlerThe event notification is based on the LinearBuffer, from the Open RPG development group
code::LBInterfacePrivate Implementation class of LinearBuffer
code::LBInterfaceInfoLBInterface is a private implementation class of LinearBuffer
code::LBInterfaceInfo_glibLBInterfaceInfo_glib is an implementation of LBInterface that uses glib sockets for portably manipulating remote linear buffer files
code::LBInterfaceInfo_lbLBInterfaceInfo_lb is an implementation of LBInterface that uses orpg's LB_* calls to manipulate local linear buffer files
code::LBInterfaceInfo_rssLBInterfaceInfo_rss is an implementation of LBInterface that uses rss calls for manipulating remote linear buffer files
code::LBNotifierNotifies about the Index::Record to a linear buffer
code::LBReaderReads a message from a Linear Buffer
code::LBWriterLBWriter can be used to write a message to a Linear Buffer
code::LengthRepresentation of a physical length (distance)
code::LinearBufferLinearBuffer.h implements a class LinearBuffer that is a narrow interface to the ORPG lb library
code::LineReaderReader Decorator which adds line-by-line reading
code::LineStripDataRepresentation of a line strip
code::LLUTMLLUTM provides conversions from UTM to Lat/Long and vice-versa
code::LLUTM::LLLat-Long in degrees
code::LLUTM::UTMUTM coordinates in meters
code::LocalReaderReader for `file' (i.e., local) and `stdin' schemes
code::LocationEarth-fixed representation of a point in space
code::LocationCPointWraps a Location and its CPoint together so that either value can be quickly extracted
code::LTGFormatterConverts LTG Ingest to DataType ( DataTable )
code::LTGIngestLightning data
code::LtgoIconStructLightning overlay icon structure
code::LTGStructLightning one flash structure
code::MesoIconStructEvent ID with working radius
code::MultipleListenersBecause the order in which ActionListeners are invoked by an ActionSource is not defined, use MultipleListeners if you wish to impose an order in which these listeners ought to be invoked
code::MultiPointShapeTypeESRI's MultiPoint shape type
code::NetcdfAttrThis provides one-stop shopping for all the attributes that are present in CODE-generated netcdf files
code::NetcdfBuilderThis creates the appropriate data type given the parameters to read the netcdf file
code::NetcdfCartesianGrid2DFormatterConstructs a CartesianGrid2D object from the netcdf file
code::NetcdfCartesianGrid3DFormatterConstructs a CartesianGrid3D object from the netcdf file
code::NetcdfContourDataFormatterHandles the construction of ContourData object from the netcdf file
code::NetcdfDataEncoderWraps up the NetcdfEncoder class to act as a DataEncoder
code::NetcdfDataVariable< T >The NetcdfDataVariable decides on the fly whether to write itself as a literal 2D grid or as a sparse grid, conserving a lot of space in the process
code::NetcdfEncoderNetcdfEncoder will take a DataType (RadialSet, LatLonGrid, etc
code::NetcdfFileA wrapper around the netcdf NcFile class
code::NetcdfFormatterThe base class of all Netcdf formatters
code::NetcdfIndexWriterThis class attempts to read the netcdf file to find out meta-information about the data inside the file, and returns an Index::Record corresponding to it
code::NetcdfIntroducerThis class is used to introduce new netcdf objects to the system via their Formatters
code::NetcdfIRInformationImplImplements the IndexRecordInformation class for the hires data type
code::NetcdfLatLonGridFormatterHandles the construction of LatLonGrid object from the netcdf file
code::NetcdfLatLonHeightGridFormatterHandles the construction of LatLonHeightGrid object from the netcdf file
code::NetcdfRadialSetFormatterHandles the construction of RadialSet object from the netcdf file
code::NetworkFormat< X >This is a template class whose requirements will me met by classes that wish to provide a machine-independent format for persistent data
code::NexradVCPInformation on the volume coverage patterns in NEXRAD
code::NmqBuilderReads 3D grids created by NMQ
code::NULL_DataTypeA NULL_DataType takes no storage, yet satisfies all the operators required by template arguments to Data1D, Data2D, etc
code::OperatingSystemUse this class to shield you from operating system specific things
code::ORBattrA singleton class that provides access to the ORB used by CODE
code::ORBEventHandlerThis event notification is based on using a CORBA nameserver to bootstrap a system of remote notifiers and observers
code::ORBEventHandler::ObserverThe observer to provide the callback to the Notifier
code::ORBIntroducerThe ORBIntroducer class introduces, into the appropriate factories, all the basic classes of librss_notifier
code::ORBNotifierThe server class that is in charge of the notification
code::ORBNotifier::ObserverThe client class that "observes" the ORBNotifier
code::ORPGErrorGives the meaning of various ORPG error codes
code::ORPGReaderReader that handles ORPG-derived needs: remote files via RSS, and Linear Buffers
code::OSA portability layer for system calls
code::OutputStreamAn abstract base class that provides an overloaded << operator for many basic types
code::PolarGridThe PolarGrid is a radial set which will not be resized in the future, making it efficient enough for an algorithm to use it as an internal data structure
code::PolygonShapeTypeESRI's Polygon shape type
code::PolyLineShapeTypeESRI's PolyLine shape type
code::PolyTypeA datum that can be stored and accessed as an int, long, unsigned long, double or string
code::PostgreSQLIndexUses a Postgre database to implement a SQL index
code::PrimitiveIconDataThe base class for a hierarchy of objects, each of which contains a fundamental part of the the structure of an icon
code::ProcessTimerInfoA ProcessTimer that will execute only if ErrorLog is set to the Info level
code::ProcessTimerT< T >The ProcessTimerT object can be used to time short (under 30min) of processor or wall clock time, and memory resources used
code::ProgressiveFileReaderImplements the ProgressiveReader interface on local files
code::ProgressiveReaderThis interface allows for reading a file as it is arriving
code::RadarInfoProvides information about various configured radars and search capability among radar
code::RadialStore a radial's worth of gate information along with bookkeeping info
code::RadialSetStore a complete polar grid, with no loss in information
code::RadialSet::__normal_iterator< Y >
code::RandomA Random number generator that can generate both uniformly and normally distributed random numbers
code::ReaderSimplifies file reading down to a few lines of code, regardless of whether or not the file is compressed and whether it's read locally or over ftp, http, rssd, etc
code::RshReaderReader that uses rsh to read across a network
code::RSSIntroducerThe RSSIntroducer class introduces, into the appropriate factories, all the basic classes of librss_notifier
code::RSSReaderReader that can read local and remote files via RSS_read()
code::SchemeReaderAbstract Base Class for Readers that handle specific URL schemes such as http, ftp or rssd
code::SchemeReaderCreatorAbstract Base Class for classes that instantiate a SchemeReader
code::SdtsBuilderA builder interface to StdsDem
code::SdtsDemThis class can read in a Digital Elevation Map (DEM) that is in the USGS' Standard Data Transfer Standard (SDTS) format
code::SegFaultHandlerDumps a backtrace to the console upon a process crash
code::SentinelDoubleSentinel values are values that represent some condition
code::SetVector< K, bNoDuplicates, Pr, A >Std::set implemented as a sorted vector
code::ShapefileWill read in a .shp file in ESRI's shapefile format
code::Shapefile::BoundingBoxThe Bounding box encoded in the shapefile MainHeader
code::Shapefile::MainHeaderThis is the header found in the main file
code::Shapefile::RecordA single record in the shape file
code::Shapefile::RecordHeaderThe header for a single record in the Shape file
code::ShapeTypeAn abstract ShapeType corresponding to ESRI's shapefiles
code::SimpleCollection< D >A simple collection is a special DataType that serves as a container for non-DataType objects
code::SingleContourDataEach contour is a SimpleCollection of Location objects
code::SmartPtr< X >SmartPtr does a templated reference counting mechanism
code::SpaceTimeRefA four-dimensional entity that represents a particular location at a particular point of time
code::SparseGridAbstract Base class of sparse grid implementations
code::SparseGrid2D< T >This is a memory optimization of the regular dimensioned data for those cases where the data is sparse in the grid
code::SparseGrid2D< T >::Pixel
code::SparseGrid3D< T >This is a memory optimization of LatLonHeightGrid when the data are sparse within the grid
code::SparseGrid3D< T >::Pixel
code::SpeedStore a speed
code::SQLIndexIndex whose search capabilities are implemented using a data base
code::SQLIndexFactoryProvides a way to create an SQLIndex given the complete URL
code::SQLIndexNotifierSubclasses are database-specific implementations
code::StartupOptionsHandles command-line arguments passed in via main()
code::StorageTypeThis lists all the storage types that are currently supported on the system
code::StringsThis is a helper class of functions that do commonly required stuff that is not in the Standard Library
code::Strings::DelimiterPredSTL unary predicate
code::Strings::WhiteSpacePredSTL unary predicate
code::TEAEncryptionImplements the 128-bit Tiny Encryption Algorithm (TEA) by Wheeler and Needham, 1994 instead of more complicated, but also more secure, alternatives
code::TempDirUse this class to hold sets of temporary files that need to be cleared out later
code::TimeSimple representation of a point on the universal time-line
code::TimedEventHandlerThis class allows you to set up ActionListeners to be called every N milliseconds
code::TimedEventHandler::TimerEventTimerEvents are launched by the TimedEventHandler
code::TimeHeightTrendDataThis class represents all the information required to create a single time-height trend
code::TimeHeightTrendData::EntryAn entry in the TimeHeightTrendData consists of the following:
code::TimeIntervalA directed interval of time on the universal time-line
code::TimeWindowA segment on the time line
code::TwoStringThis is an OBSOLETE private implementation class of Formatter
code::TypeNameTypeName provides a convenient way to refer to a lot of the strings in the CODE system without worrying about spelling errors, etc
code::URLA class for parsing, accessing, changing, and recombining a URL's components
code::VirtualVolumeAllows the creation of a virtual volume record in real-time
code::VirtualVolume::ElevationInfoHelps the implementation of VirtualVolume
code::W2algsBuilderBuild a DataType for display
code::W2algsIntroducerIntroduces W2algs builder and formatters to the entire system
code::W2AuthorizationLets WDSSII algorithms and processes control access to different sections of the program
code::W2ConfigFind configuration files from user- and system- defined locations
code::W2FileHandler< T >Utility class to interact with file system
code::W2ProgramA WDSS-II program is typically lauched with a set of options either on the command-line or from a XML configuration file
code::w2psqlImplImplementation class included from code_PostgreSQLIndex.cc NOT meant to be used by anyone else, to limit dependence on libpq headers
code::W2UnitConvenience wrapper around libudunits
code::W2Unit::UnitConverterStore slope and intercept used by W2Unit
code::WebIndexA self-updating InMemoryIndex which periodically checks its source URL for new content
code::WebReaderReader for `http' and `ftp' schemes that uses wget
code::WebReaderCurlImplReader for `http' and `ftp' schemes that uses libcurl Tries to maintain connections with the server if the same URL is opened again, but does not cache server responses
code::WeightedSumOn-line computation of a weighted sum
code::WindFieldStruct< T >Wind field data structure
code::WriterThe purpose of Writer is to interact with a storage device
code::XMLProvides a means of parsing, representing and writing out XML documents
code::XML::DocumentAn XML Document
code::XML::ElementAn XML Element
code::XML::OutputterAllows you to write a XML Document to an XML output stream
code::XML::ParserAllows you to build a XML Document from an XML input stream
code::XMLDataEncoderWraps up the XMLEncoder class to act as a DataEncoder
code::XMLDataFormatterWill take an input Buffer in XML encoding and create a DataTable out of it
code::XMLDecoderThe XMLDecoder allows you to use a XML DOM node in memory to create many of the classes in the system
code::XMLDecoder::FormatExceptionThrown by the XML decoder if there is a format problem, for example, if an expected tag is not present in the XML input
code::XMLEncoderThe XMLEncoder allows you to create a XML DOM node in memory from many of the classes in the system
code::XMLIndexThe XMLIndex class implements the Index interface by obtaining all the needed information from a XML file that follows certain conventions
code::XMLIndexFactoryProvides a way to create an XMLIndex given the complete URL
code::XMLLBIndexThe XMLLBIndex class implements the Index interface by obtaining all the needed information from a lb contaning XML records as messages
code::XMLLBIndexFactoryCreate an XMLLBIndex given the complete URL
code::XMLNotifierHelper intermediate class for IndexRecordNotifiers that wish to notify XML strings
code::ZlibReaderReader Decorator which adds gz and bz2 uncompression
code::ZlibWriterWriter subclass that handles writing to a zlib compression format
code::ZReaderReader Decorator which adds .Z file uncompression

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