code::DataConverter::PolarCartesianLookup Struct Reference

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Detailed Description

Precomputed results that can improve the efficiency of Polar-Cartesian mapping.

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Public Member Functions

 PolarCartesianLookup (const Angle &azres, const Length &rnres, int numGates, const Length &dist_to_first_gate, float scale)
 Precomputes for the radial set whose properties are provided.

Public Attributes

int half_size
int dim_x
int dim_y
float scale
int accuracy
Image< int > azimuthNumber
Image< int > rangeNumber

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

code::DataConverter::PolarCartesianLookup::PolarCartesianLookup ( const Angle azres,
const Length rnres,
int  numGates,
const Length dist_to_first_gate,
float  scale 

Precomputes for the radial set whose properties are provided.

scale A value of scale < 1 indicates a low-resolution image while scale > 1 indicates a zoomed in image.

Member Data Documentation

int code::DataConverter::PolarCartesianLookup::accuracy

Image<int> code::DataConverter::PolarCartesianLookup::azimuthNumber

int code::DataConverter::PolarCartesianLookup::dim_x

int code::DataConverter::PolarCartesianLookup::dim_y

int code::DataConverter::PolarCartesianLookup::half_size

Image<int> code::DataConverter::PolarCartesianLookup::rangeNumber

float code::DataConverter::PolarCartesianLookup::scale

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