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Private Implementation class of LinearBuffer.

Every LinearBuffer holds a pointer to a LBInterface which it obtains from the list of all LBs maintained in LBInterfaceList. The LBInterface will open a LB not yet opened and add it to that list if necessary.

The LBInterface holds a pointer to a LBInterfaceInfo which is resolved to determine whether LB calls should be made locally or remotely.

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Public Member Functions

 LBInterface (const URL &lbName)
 ~LBInterface ()
 LBInterface (const LBInterface &)
LBInterface operator= (const LBInterface &)
void close ()
int open (const URL &n, int lbflag, LB_attr *attr=NULL)
int read (std::vector< char > &msg, LB_id_t msgId)
int read (char *msg, int msgLength, LB_id_t msgId)
int write (LB_id_t messageId, const void *buffer, int bufferLength)
LB_id_t msgId ()
int getInfo (unsigned int pos, int offset, LB_info &info)
int lock ()
int unlock ()
int seek (unsigned int pos, int offset)
int getLatestMsgInfo (std::vector< LB_info > &setme, size_t n_msgs)
int getAllMsgInfo (std::vector< LB_info > &setme)
int getMessageInfo (LB_id_t, LB_info *)

Static Public Member Functions

static LBInterfacegetLBInterface (const URL &url)

Public Attributes

 These would have been private had the whole class not been private .
int * numInstances


bool operator== (LBInterface a, LBInterface b)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

code::LBInterface::LBInterface ( const URL lbName  ) 

code::LBInterface::~LBInterface (  ) 

code::LBInterface::LBInterface ( const LBInterface  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void code::LBInterface::close (  ) 

int code::LBInterface::getAllMsgInfo ( std::vector< LB_info > &  setme  ) 

int code::LBInterface::getInfo ( unsigned int  pos,
int  offset,
LB_info &  info 

int code::LBInterface::getLatestMsgInfo ( std::vector< LB_info > &  setme,
size_t  n_msgs 

static LBInterface* code::LBInterface::getLBInterface ( const URL url  )  [static]

int code::LBInterface::getMessageInfo ( LB_id_t  ,
LB_info *   

int code::LBInterface::lock (  ) 

LB_id_t code::LBInterface::msgId (  ) 

int code::LBInterface::open ( const URL n,
int  lbflag,
LB_attr *  attr = NULL 

LBInterface code::LBInterface::operator= ( const LBInterface  ) 

int code::LBInterface::read ( char *  msg,
int  msgLength,
LB_id_t  msgId 

int code::LBInterface::read ( std::vector< char > &  msg,
LB_id_t  msgId 

int code::LBInterface::seek ( unsigned int  pos,
int  offset 

int code::LBInterface::unlock (  ) 

int code::LBInterface::write ( LB_id_t  messageId,
const void *  buffer,
int  bufferLength 

Friends And Related Function Documentation

bool operator== ( LBInterface  a,
LBInterface  b 
) [friend]

Member Data Documentation

LBInterfaceInfo* code::LBInterface::lbInfo

These would have been private had the whole class not been private .


int* code::LBInterface::numInstances

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