code::DoNothingThreadMutex Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Has the same interface as the OPUP ThreadMutex but does nothing of the sort, since CODE/WDSS-II is not a threaded system.

The presence of this class makes code-sharing easier with OPUP. In addition, the resources that have to be protected with mutexes are visible, so if you find yourself in a threaded environment, replace DoNothingThreadMutex with OPUP's ThreadMutex.

code_DoNothingThreadMutex.h,v 1.4 2009/06/02 20:17:39 lakshman Exp

Public Member Functions

void secure ()
void release ()
void lock ()
void unlock ()

Member Function Documentation

void code::DoNothingThreadMutex::lock (  )  [inline]

void code::DoNothingThreadMutex::release (  )  [inline]

void code::DoNothingThreadMutex::secure (  )  [inline]

void code::DoNothingThreadMutex::unlock (  )  [inline]

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