code::NetcdfIndexWriter Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This class attempts to read the netcdf file to find out meta-information about the data inside the file, and returns an Index::Record corresponding to it.

Typical usage:

     Index::Record rec = NetcdfIndexWriter::getIndexRecord( dirname_of_index, name_of_netcdf_file );

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Static Public Member Functions

static code::Index::Record getIndexRecord (const std::string &dirname_of_index, const std::string &netcdf_filename)
 the index path format should correspond to the netcdf_filename.

Member Function Documentation

static code::Index::Record code::NetcdfIndexWriter::getIndexRecord ( const std::string &  dirname_of_index,
const std::string &  netcdf_filename 
) [static]

the index path format should correspond to the netcdf_filename.

Thus, if the netcdf file is specified as machine:filename, so should the indexpath

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