code::Shapefile::BoundingBox Struct Reference

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Detailed Description

The Bounding box encoded in the shapefile MainHeader.

Public Attributes

double xmin
double ymin
double xmax
double ymax
double zmin
double zmax
double Mmin
double Mmax


BOIStreamoperator>> (BOIStream &is, BoundingBox &a)
BOOStreamoperator<< (BOOStream &os, const BoundingBox &a)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

BOOStream& operator<< ( BOOStream os,
const BoundingBox a 
) [friend]

BOIStream& operator>> ( BOIStream is,
BoundingBox a 
) [friend]

Member Data Documentation

double code::Shapefile::BoundingBox::Mmax

double code::Shapefile::BoundingBox::Mmin

double code::Shapefile::BoundingBox::xmax

double code::Shapefile::BoundingBox::xmin

double code::Shapefile::BoundingBox::ymax

double code::Shapefile::BoundingBox::ymin

double code::Shapefile::BoundingBox::zmax

double code::Shapefile::BoundingBox::zmin

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