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This class can read in a Digital Elevation Map (DEM) that is in the USGS' Standard Data Transfer Standard (SDTS) format.

The resulting DEM can be obtained as a LatLonGrid. Because no resampling or projection is actually done, this is useful only for areas the size of a USGS Quad; for larger areas, you may not like the error characteristic.

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Public Member Functions

 SdtsDem (const std::string &prefix)
 An example of the category file name is /tmp/co/1183CATD.DDF.
SmartPtr< DataTypegetData ()
 The data are approximated into a LatLonGrid.
SmartPtr< LatLonGridgetLatLonGrid ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

code::SdtsDem::SdtsDem ( const std::string &  prefix  ) 

An example of the category file name is /tmp/co/1183CATD.DDF.

You would then pass in /tmp/co/1183.

All the other files including the CEL0 files that are part of the transfer should be in the same directory.

Member Function Documentation

SmartPtr< DataType > code::SdtsDem::getData (  ) 

The data are approximated into a LatLonGrid.

If the data are originally in a meters grid, the grid values and the coverage of the grid are retained. No resampling is done, so there will be some association error.

invalid pointer if no data was read.

SmartPtr< LatLonGrid > code::SdtsDem::getLatLonGrid (  ) 

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