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Store a speed.

Lulin Song
2009/06/02 20:17:38
code_Speed.h,v 1.32 2009/06/02 20:17:38 lakshman Exp

Public Member Functions

 Speed ()
 Speed (double value, const std::string &)
double value (const std::string &unitStr)
double feetPerSecond () const
double inchesPerHour () const
double kilometersPerHour () const
double knots () const
double lightSpeeds () const
double metersPerSecond () const
double milesPerHour () const
Speedoperator *= (double d)
Speedoperator/= (double d)
Speedoperator+= (const Speed &s)
Speedoperator-= (const Speed &s)
Speed operator * (double d) const
Speed operator/ (double d) const
Speed operator+ (const Speed &s) const
Speed operator- (const Speed &s) const
double operator/ (const Speed &s) const
int compareTo (const Speed &s) const
bool operator< (const Speed &s) const
bool operator<= (const Speed &s) const
bool operator== (const Speed &s) const
bool operator!= (const Speed &s) const
bool operator>= (const Speed &s) const
bool operator> (const Speed &s) const

Static Public Member Functions

static Speed FeetPerSecond (double v)
static Speed InchesPerHour (double v)
static Speed KilometersPerHour (double v)
static Speed Knots (double v)
static Speed LightSpeeds (double v)
static Speed MetersPerSecond (double v)
static Speed MilesPerHour (double v)


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &, const Speed &)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

code::Speed::Speed (  )  [inline]

code::Speed::Speed ( double  value,
const std::string &   

Member Function Documentation

int code::Speed::compareTo ( const Speed s  )  const [inline]

double code::Speed::feetPerSecond (  )  const [inline]

static Speed code::Speed::FeetPerSecond ( double  v  )  [inline, static]

double code::Speed::inchesPerHour (  )  const [inline]

static Speed code::Speed::InchesPerHour ( double  v  )  [inline, static]

double code::Speed::kilometersPerHour (  )  const [inline]

static Speed code::Speed::KilometersPerHour ( double  v  )  [inline, static]

double code::Speed::knots (  )  const [inline]

static Speed code::Speed::Knots ( double  v  )  [inline, static]

double code::Speed::lightSpeeds (  )  const [inline]

static Speed code::Speed::LightSpeeds ( double  v  )  [inline, static]

double code::Speed::metersPerSecond (  )  const [inline]

static Speed code::Speed::MetersPerSecond ( double  v  )  [inline, static]

double code::Speed::milesPerHour (  )  const [inline]

static Speed code::Speed::MilesPerHour ( double  v  )  [inline, static]

Speed code::Speed::operator * ( double  d  )  const [inline]

Speed& code::Speed::operator *= ( double  d  )  [inline]

bool code::Speed::operator!= ( const Speed s  )  const [inline]

Speed code::Speed::operator+ ( const Speed s  )  const [inline]

Speed& code::Speed::operator+= ( const Speed s  )  [inline]

Speed code::Speed::operator- ( const Speed s  )  const [inline]

Speed& code::Speed::operator-= ( const Speed s  )  [inline]

double code::Speed::operator/ ( const Speed s  )  const [inline]

Speed code::Speed::operator/ ( double  d  )  const [inline]

Speed& code::Speed::operator/= ( double  d  )  [inline]

bool code::Speed::operator< ( const Speed s  )  const [inline]

bool code::Speed::operator<= ( const Speed s  )  const [inline]

bool code::Speed::operator== ( const Speed s  )  const [inline]

bool code::Speed::operator> ( const Speed s  )  const [inline]

bool code::Speed::operator>= ( const Speed s  )  const [inline]

double code::Speed::value ( const std::string &  unitStr  ) 

Friends And Related Function Documentation

std::ostream& operator<< ( std::ostream &  ,
const Speed  
) [friend]

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