code::CStructHandler Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Provides facilities for handling memory and converting C++ classes to corresponding C structs.

Lulin Song
code_DataTypeCStruct.h,v 1.11 2009/06/02 20:17:37 lakshman Exp

Static Public Member Functions

static void Release_CStructs (C_RadialSet *radial_set, int num)
 Release memory.
static int fillCStruct (const RadialSet &src, C_RadialSet &radial_set)
 Gets corresponding C representation for RadialSet.

Member Function Documentation

static int code::CStructHandler::fillCStruct ( const RadialSet src,
C_RadialSet radial_set 
) [static]

Gets corresponding C representation for RadialSet.

You are responsible to deallocate memory for returned C_RadialSet. You can use the c function Release_...(...) to do it.

src reference to RadialSet object which holds data
radial_set reference to C_RadialSet object which will be filled

static void code::CStructHandler::Release_CStructs ( C_RadialSet radial_set,
int  num 
) [static]

Release memory.

radial_set a pointer to an array of C_RadialSet
num array size of C_RadialSet
the memory allocated for C_RadailSet structs is released

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