code::LatLonLambert2SP Class Reference

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Detailed Description

LatLonLambert provides conversions from Lambert Conformal (2SP) to LatLon and vice-versa.

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Public Member Functions

Lambert getLambert (const LatLon &latlong) const
 converts lat-lon to lambert.
LatLon getLatLon (const Lambert &lam) const
 converts utm to lat-long
 LatLonLambert2SP (const LatLon &false_origin_latlon_, const Angle &lat_1st_parallel_, const Angle &lat_2nd_parallel_, const Lambert &false_origin_lam_, const Ellipsoid &e=Ellipsoid::WGS84())
 Construct a converter by telling it all the needed parameters.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

code::LatLonLambert2SP::LatLonLambert2SP ( const LatLon false_origin_latlon_,
const Angle lat_1st_parallel_,
const Angle lat_2nd_parallel_,
const Lambert false_origin_lam_,
const Ellipsoid e = Ellipsoid::WGS84() 

Construct a converter by telling it all the needed parameters.

Member Function Documentation

Lambert code::LatLonLambert2SP::getLambert ( const LatLon latlong  )  const

converts lat-lon to lambert.

LatLon code::LatLonLambert2SP::getLatLon ( const Lambert lam  )  const

converts utm to lat-long

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