Chromo Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

double getFitness () const
double calcFitness ()
void setFitnessFunc (double(*fn)(void *, const Chromo &), void *arg)
Chromo anneal (Random &rnd, double fitnResol=0.001) const
 Chromo (const vector< Gene > &i_genes)
bool setGeneParms (char *fileName)
void mutate (double sigma, Random &rnd)
void randomize (Random &rnd)
double getDiversity (const Chromo &otherChromo) const
void print (FILE *fp)
Chromo crossover (const Chromo &male, Random &rnd)
 Chromo ()

Public Attributes

vector< Genegenes

Protected Attributes

bool fitnessCalculated
double(* fitnessFunc )(void *, const Chromo &)
void * fitfuncArgs
double fitness


bool operator< (const Chromo &a, const Chromo &b)
bool operator> (const Chromo &a, const Chromo &b)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Chromo::Chromo ( const vector< Gene > &  i_genes  )  [inline]

Chromo::Chromo (  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

Chromo Chromo::anneal ( Random rnd,
double  fitnResol = 0.001 
) const

double Chromo::calcFitness (  )  [inline]

Chromo Chromo::crossover ( const Chromo male,
Random rnd 

double Chromo::getDiversity ( const Chromo otherChromo  )  const

double Chromo::getFitness (  )  const [inline]

void Chromo::mutate ( double  sigma,
Random rnd 
) [inline]

void Chromo::print ( FILE *  fp  ) 

void Chromo::randomize ( Random rnd  )  [inline]

void Chromo::setFitnessFunc ( double(*)(void *, const Chromo &)  fn,
void *  arg 
) [inline]

bool Chromo::setGeneParms ( char *  fileName  ) 

Friends And Related Function Documentation

bool operator< ( const Chromo a,
const Chromo b 
) [friend]

bool operator> ( const Chromo a,
const Chromo b 
) [friend]

Member Data Documentation

void* Chromo::fitfuncArgs [protected]

double Chromo::fitness [protected]

bool Chromo::fitnessCalculated [protected]

double(* Chromo::fitnessFunc)(void *, const Chromo &) [protected]

vector<Gene> Chromo::genes

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