SIGMET::RayHeader Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Header in SIGMET data file (14 bytes).

Lulin Song
RayHeader.h,v 1.5 2009/06/02 20:17:43 lakshman Exp

Public Member Functions

code::Angle startAzimuth () const
code::Angle endAzimuth () const
code::Angle startElevation () const
code::Angle endElevation () const
 RayHeader ()

Public Attributes

unsigned short azStart
 Starting azimuth.
unsigned short elevStart
 Starting elevation.
unsigned short azEnd
 End azimuth.
unsigned short elevEnd
 End elevation.
short numBins
 Number of range bins.
unsigned short t

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SIGMET::RayHeader::RayHeader (  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

code::Angle SIGMET::RayHeader::endAzimuth (  )  const

code::Angle SIGMET::RayHeader::endElevation (  )  const

code::Angle SIGMET::RayHeader::startAzimuth (  )  const

code::Angle SIGMET::RayHeader::startElevation (  )  const

Member Data Documentation

unsigned short SIGMET::RayHeader::azEnd

End azimuth.

unsigned short SIGMET::RayHeader::azStart

Starting azimuth.

unsigned short SIGMET::RayHeader::elevEnd

End elevation.

unsigned short SIGMET::RayHeader::elevStart

Starting elevation.

short SIGMET::RayHeader::numBins

Number of range bins.

unsigned short SIGMET::RayHeader::t


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