SIGMET::SigmetData Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Represents data in SIGMET file.

Lulin Song
SigmetData.h,v 1.21 2010/11/03 13:13:43 jbrogden Exp

Public Member Functions

code::Time getSweepTime (int sweepNo) const
int getRadialSet (std::vector< code::SmartPtr< code::RadialSet > > &rset, int sweepNo, float noiseRatio, const code::Location &radar, bool counterclockwise, float beamWidth, const std::string &userRadarName, int vcp)
bool setType (code::SmartPtr< code::RadialSet > rs, unsigned short, bool)
bool checkTypeValidity (short type, short numBitsPerBin)
int getAllRadials (short, short, std::vector< code::SmartPtr< std::vector< unsigned short > > > &radials, bool seperateSweeps)
float decodeVal (unsigned short, short type, short bits, float unamVel)
int totalDataType () const
 Return total number of data type.
float getUnambiguousVel () const

Public Attributes

ProductHeader prodHdr
IngestHeader ingestHdr
std::vector< std::vector<
unsigned short > > 
std::vector< RawProdBHdrrawProdBHdrs
std::vector< std::vector<
IngestDataHeader > > 


struct  SigmetProdInfo

Member Function Documentation

bool SIGMET::SigmetData::checkTypeValidity ( short  type,
short  numBitsPerBin 

float SIGMET::SigmetData::decodeVal ( unsigned  short,
short  type,
short  bits,
float  unamVel 

int SIGMET::SigmetData::getAllRadials ( short  ,
short  ,
std::vector< code::SmartPtr< std::vector< unsigned short > > > &  radials,
bool  seperateSweeps 

int SIGMET::SigmetData::getRadialSet ( std::vector< code::SmartPtr< code::RadialSet > > &  rset,
int  sweepNo,
float  noiseRatio,
const code::Location &  radar,
bool  counterclockwise,
float  beamWidth,
const std::string &  userRadarName,
int  vcp 

code::Time SIGMET::SigmetData::getSweepTime ( int  sweepNo  )  const

float SIGMET::SigmetData::getUnambiguousVel (  )  const

bool SIGMET::SigmetData::setType ( code::SmartPtr< code::RadialSet >  rs,
unsigned  short,

int SIGMET::SigmetData::totalDataType (  )  const

Return total number of data type.

Member Data Documentation

std::vector< std::vector<IngestDataHeader> > SIGMET::SigmetData::ingestDataHdrs

IngestHeader SIGMET::SigmetData::ingestHdr

ProductHeader SIGMET::SigmetData::prodHdr

std::vector<RawProdBHdr> SIGMET::SigmetData::rawProdBHdrs

std::vector<std::vector < unsigned short > > SIGMET::SigmetData::records

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