bwer::Rtbwers Class Reference

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Public Types

typedef RadarImage::AzRan AzRan

Public Member Functions

 Rtbwers (const Candidates &i_cand, const Chromo &attrChromo)
bool isBwer () const
double getConf () const
void setConf (double i_conf)
void print (FILE *fp) const
 Rtbwers ()
void correctVal ()
AzRan getAzRan () const
void setLocation (const AzRan &azran)
void setPrevBwerConf (const std::vector< Rtbwers > &)

Static Public Member Functions

static void print (const std::vector< Rtbwers > &, const char *fileDir, int vol)
static Result evaluate (const std::vector< Rtbwers > &foundBwers, const std::vector< Rtbwers > &truthBwers)
static Result evaluate_trad (const std::vector< Rtbwers > &foundBwers, const std::vector< Rtbwers > &truthBwers)
static double evalDist (const Rtbwers &truthBwer, const Rtbwers &foundBwer)
static std::vector< Rtbwersprune (const std::vector< Rtbwers > &allBwers)
static Chromo defaultChromo ()
static void setDefaultChromoFile (const std::string &s)
 Sets the first place used for the chromo file.
static double getDist (double x1, double y1, double x2, double y2)
 Get the distance measure between two points.
static void set3DValues (std::vector< Candidates > &candBwers, const std::vector< RadarImage > &allSwps)

Public Attributes

Fuzzy fz_bwer
Fuzzy fz_marg
int numPts
int minVal
int maxVal
double avgVal
int maxBound
int minBound
double avgBound
int numBounds
int maxCap
int minCap
double avgCap
double cx
double cy
int minx
int miny
int maxx
int maxy
double height
double bestHeight
double lowVil
double prevBwerConf
int vol
int swp

Static Public Attributes

static bool WRITE_ALWAYS
 Controls whether ascii output files will be written always or only when BWERs are present.
static const int DIST_THRESH = 5

Protected Member Functions

void setAttr ()
void calcConf ()
void prune (const std::vector< Rtbwers > &sortedList, int pos)

Static Protected Member Functions

static Chromo createDefaultChromo ()

Protected Attributes

Chromo attr
std::vector< double > attrvals
double conf


bool operator< (const Rtbwers &a, const Rtbwers &b)
bool operator== (const Rtbwers &a, const Rtbwers &b)

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef RadarImage::AzRan bwer::Candidates::AzRan [inherited]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

bwer::Rtbwers::Rtbwers ( const Candidates i_cand,
const Chromo attrChromo 

bwer::Rtbwers::Rtbwers (  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void bwer::Rtbwers::calcConf (  )  [protected]

void bwer::Candidates::correctVal (  )  [inherited]

static Chromo bwer::Rtbwers::createDefaultChromo (  )  [static, protected]

static Chromo bwer::Rtbwers::defaultChromo (  )  [static]

static double bwer::Rtbwers::evalDist ( const Rtbwers truthBwer,
const Rtbwers foundBwer 
) [static]

static Result bwer::Rtbwers::evaluate ( const std::vector< Rtbwers > &  foundBwers,
const std::vector< Rtbwers > &  truthBwers 
) [static]

static Result bwer::Rtbwers::evaluate_trad ( const std::vector< Rtbwers > &  foundBwers,
const std::vector< Rtbwers > &  truthBwers 
) [static]

AzRan bwer::Candidates::getAzRan (  )  const [inline, inherited]

double bwer::Rtbwers::getConf (  )  const [inline]

static double bwer::Candidates::getDist ( double  x1,
double  y1,
double  x2,
double  y2 
) [static, inherited]

Get the distance measure between two points.

bool bwer::Rtbwers::isBwer (  )  const [inline]

void bwer::Rtbwers::print ( FILE *  fp  )  const

static void bwer::Rtbwers::print ( const std::vector< Rtbwers > &  ,
const char *  fileDir,
int  vol 
) [static]

void bwer::Rtbwers::prune ( const std::vector< Rtbwers > &  sortedList,
int  pos 
) [protected]

static std::vector<Rtbwers> bwer::Rtbwers::prune ( const std::vector< Rtbwers > &  allBwers  )  [static]

static void bwer::Candidates::set3DValues ( std::vector< Candidates > &  candBwers,
const std::vector< RadarImage > &  allSwps 
) [static, inherited]

void bwer::Rtbwers::setAttr (  )  [protected]

void bwer::Rtbwers::setConf ( double  i_conf  ) 

static void bwer::Rtbwers::setDefaultChromoFile ( const std::string &  s  )  [static]

Sets the first place used for the chromo file.

s The new default chromo file. Passing in an empty string has the effect of forcing the default -- using ./rtbwer.chromo or if that is not found ../rtbwer.chromo and even if that is not found, hardcoded defaults based on median histogram values.

void bwer::Candidates::setLocation ( const AzRan azran  )  [inherited]

void bwer::Candidates::setPrevBwerConf ( const std::vector< Rtbwers > &   )  [inherited]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

bool operator< ( const Rtbwers a,
const Rtbwers b 
) [friend]

bool operator== ( const Rtbwers a,
const Rtbwers b 
) [friend]

Member Data Documentation

Chromo bwer::Rtbwers::attr [protected]

std::vector<double> bwer::Rtbwers::attrvals [protected]

double bwer::Candidates::avgBound [inherited]

double bwer::Candidates::avgCap [inherited]

double bwer::Candidates::avgVal [inherited]

double bwer::Candidates::bestHeight [inherited]

double bwer::Rtbwers::conf [protected]

double bwer::Candidates::cx [inherited]

double bwer::Candidates::cy [inherited]

const int bwer::Candidates::DIST_THRESH = 5 [static, inherited]

Fuzzy bwer::Rtbwers::fz_bwer

Fuzzy bwer::Rtbwers::fz_marg

double bwer::Candidates::height [inherited]

double bwer::Candidates::lowVil [inherited]

int bwer::Candidates::maxBound [inherited]

int bwer::Candidates::maxCap [inherited]

int bwer::Candidates::maxVal [inherited]

int bwer::Candidates::maxx [inherited]

int bwer::Candidates::maxy [inherited]

int bwer::Candidates::minBound [inherited]

int bwer::Candidates::minCap [inherited]

int bwer::Candidates::minVal [inherited]

int bwer::Candidates::minx [inherited]

int bwer::Candidates::miny [inherited]

int bwer::Candidates::numBounds [inherited]

int bwer::Candidates::numPts [inherited]

double bwer::Candidates::prevBwerConf [inherited]

int bwer::Candidates::swp [inherited]

int bwer::Candidates::vol [inherited]

bool bwer::Rtbwers::WRITE_ALWAYS [static]

Controls whether ascii output files will be written always or only when BWERs are present.

By default, output files will be written always. Change this to write NXbwera files only for volumes that contain BWERs.

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