code::Dealias2D Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Algorithm main class, whose methods are invoked by various listeners in Interface code auto-generated by w2algcreator.

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Public Types

enum  InputType { REF, VEL, SPW, NUMINPUTS }

Public Member Functions

 Dealias2D (const std::string &outputDir, const std::string &outputLBName, bool realtime, const std::string &sourceRadar)
 Algorithm constructor, called from dealias2d_main with the command-line options passed in.
void processVelocity (const code::RadialSet &data)
void processSpectrumWidth (const code::RadialSet &data)
void processReflectivity (const code::RadialSet &data)
void processSoundingTable (const code::DataTable &table)
void rescale (code::RadialSet &rs, const double scale, const double offset, unsigned char *scaled_value, const int num_gates, const int num_radials)
unsigned short CTYPE_float_to_ushort (float value, float scale, float offset)
void fillStruct ()
void receiveData (InputType inputType, const code::RadialSet &data)
void fill (code::RadialSet &rs, short *out, double data_scale, double data_off)
void writeOutRadialSet (RadialSet rs)
A3cd97 fillEWTAB (const int radar_altft)

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum code::Dealias2D::InputType


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

code::Dealias2D::Dealias2D ( const std::string &  outputDir,
const std::string &  outputLBName,
bool  realtime,
const std::string &  sourceRadar 

Algorithm constructor, called from dealias2d_main with the command-line options passed in.

Member Function Documentation

unsigned short code::Dealias2D::CTYPE_float_to_ushort ( float  value,
float  scale,
float  offset 

void code::Dealias2D::fill ( code::RadialSet &  rs,
short *  out,
double  data_scale,
double  data_off 

A3cd97 code::Dealias2D::fillEWTAB ( const int  radar_altft  ) 

void code::Dealias2D::fillStruct (  ) 

void code::Dealias2D::processReflectivity ( const code::RadialSet &  data  ) 

void code::Dealias2D::processSoundingTable ( const code::DataTable &  table  ) 

void code::Dealias2D::processSpectrumWidth ( const code::RadialSet &  data  ) 

void code::Dealias2D::processVelocity ( const code::RadialSet &  data  ) 

void code::Dealias2D::receiveData ( InputType  inputType,
const code::RadialSet &  data 

void code::Dealias2D::rescale ( code::RadialSet &  rs,
const double  scale,
const double  offset,
unsigned char *  scaled_value,
const int  num_gates,
const int  num_radials 

void code::Dealias2D::writeOutRadialSet ( RadialSet  rs  ) 

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