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Public Types

typedef std::vector< Mda2DFeattwoDFeats

Public Member Functions

 Mda3DFeat (const Time t)
 This is a class that combines 2D features into 3D features.
 Mda3DFeat (Mda2DFeat upper, Mda2DFeat lower, const Time t)
void initialize (const Time t)
void add2DFeat (Mda2DFeat upper)
Mda2DFeat getTop2DFeat ()
 Assuming 2D feats are sorted by decr.
void sortByElevation ()
 Sort by decreasing 2D feat elevation angle.
void setTop (const Length &t)
void setBase (const Length &b)
void setDepth (const Length &d)
void setCoreTop (const Length &t)
void setCoreBase (const Length &b)
void setCoreDepth (const Length &d)
void setLL_MDA_ARH (const AzRangeHeight &a)
 MDA Center is defined by the midpoint between max_vel and min_vel of LOWEST 2D feat.
void setLL_MDA_loc (const Location &a)
void setLL_GTG_ARH (const AzRangeHeight &a)
 For now, we are defining the location of the feat by the LL AzRanHt.
void setLL_GTG_loc (const Location &a)
void setTLAzRAnHt (const AzRangeHeight &a)
void addPastLocation (const SpaceTimeRef &str)
void setMSI (const double &m)
void setMaxRotV (const double &r)
void setMaxShear (const double &s)
void setMaxGTG (const double &g)
twoDFeats get2DFeats () const
Length getTop () const
Length getBase () const
Length getDepth () const
Length getCoreTop () const
Length getCoreBase () const
Length getCoreDepth () const
AzRangeHeight getLL_MDA_ARH () const
Location getLL_MDA_loc () const
AzRangeHeight getLL_GTG_ARH () const
Location getLL_GTG_loc () const
AzRangeHeight getTLAzRAnHt () const
std::vector< SpaceTimeRef > getPastLocations ()
double getMSI () const
double getMaxRotV () const
double getMaxShear () const
double getMaxGTG () const
void init ()
void setID (const int &i)
void setTempID (const int &i)
void setRank (const int &r)
void setRadarLocation (const Location &l)
void setFeatCenterLoc (const Location &l)
void setFeatCenterAzRanHeight (const AzRangeHeight &a)
void setRange (const Length &l)
void setFeatMotionSpeed (const Speed &s)
void setFeatMotionDir (const Angle &a)
int getID () const
int getTempID () const
int getRank () const
Location getRadarLocation () const
Location getFeatCenterLoc () const
AzRangeHeight getFeatCenterAzRanHeight () const
Length getRange () const
Speed getFeatMotionSpeed () const
Angle getFeatMotionDir () const

Protected Attributes

int ID
int TMP_ID
int RANK
Location RADAR_LOC
AzRangeHeight CENTER_ARH
Length RANGE

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector< Mda2DFeat > code::Mda3DFeat::twoDFeats

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

code::Mda3DFeat::Mda3DFeat ( const Time  t  )  [inline]

This is a class that combines 2D features into 3D features.

code::Mda3DFeat::Mda3DFeat ( Mda2DFeat  upper,
Mda2DFeat  lower,
const Time  t 
) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void code::Mda3DFeat::add2DFeat ( Mda2DFeat  upper  )  [inline]

void code::Mda3DFeat::addPastLocation ( const SpaceTimeRef &  str  )  [inline]

twoDFeats code::Mda3DFeat::get2DFeats (  )  const [inline]


Length code::Mda3DFeat::getBase (  )  const [inline]

Length code::Mda3DFeat::getCoreBase (  )  const [inline]

Length code::Mda3DFeat::getCoreDepth (  )  const [inline]

Length code::Mda3DFeat::getCoreTop (  )  const [inline]

Length code::Mda3DFeat::getDepth (  )  const [inline]

AzRangeHeight code::MdaFeature::getFeatCenterAzRanHeight (  )  const [inline, inherited]

Location code::MdaFeature::getFeatCenterLoc (  )  const [inline, inherited]

Angle code::MdaFeature::getFeatMotionDir (  )  const [inline, inherited]

Speed code::MdaFeature::getFeatMotionSpeed (  )  const [inline, inherited]

int code::MdaFeature::getID (  )  const [inline, inherited]

AzRangeHeight code::Mda3DFeat::getLL_GTG_ARH (  )  const [inline]

Location code::Mda3DFeat::getLL_GTG_loc (  )  const [inline]

AzRangeHeight code::Mda3DFeat::getLL_MDA_ARH (  )  const [inline]

Location code::Mda3DFeat::getLL_MDA_loc (  )  const [inline]

double code::Mda3DFeat::getMaxGTG (  )  const [inline]

double code::Mda3DFeat::getMaxRotV (  )  const [inline]

double code::Mda3DFeat::getMaxShear (  )  const [inline]

double code::Mda3DFeat::getMSI (  )  const [inline]

std::vector< SpaceTimeRef > code::Mda3DFeat::getPastLocations (  )  [inline]

Location code::MdaFeature::getRadarLocation (  )  const [inline, inherited]

Reimplemented in code::Mda1DVect.

Length code::MdaFeature::getRange (  )  const [inline, inherited]

int code::MdaFeature::getRank (  )  const [inline, inherited]

int code::MdaFeature::getTempID (  )  const [inline, inherited]

AzRangeHeight code::Mda3DFeat::getTLAzRAnHt (  )  const [inline]

Length code::Mda3DFeat::getTop (  )  const [inline]

Mda2DFeat code::Mda3DFeat::getTop2DFeat (  )  [inline]

Assuming 2D feats are sorted by decr.

elev., return the top one

void code::MdaFeature::init (  )  [inline, inherited]

void code::Mda3DFeat::initialize ( const Time  t  )  [inline]

void code::Mda3DFeat::setBase ( const Length &  b  )  [inline]

void code::Mda3DFeat::setCoreBase ( const Length &  b  )  [inline]

void code::Mda3DFeat::setCoreDepth ( const Length &  d  )  [inline]

void code::Mda3DFeat::setCoreTop ( const Length &  t  )  [inline]

void code::Mda3DFeat::setDepth ( const Length &  d  )  [inline]

void code::MdaFeature::setFeatCenterAzRanHeight ( const AzRangeHeight &  a  )  [inline, inherited]

void code::MdaFeature::setFeatCenterLoc ( const Location &  l  )  [inline, inherited]

void code::MdaFeature::setFeatMotionDir ( const Angle &  a  )  [inline, inherited]

void code::MdaFeature::setFeatMotionSpeed ( const Speed &  s  )  [inline, inherited]

void code::MdaFeature::setID ( const int &  i  )  [inline, inherited]

void code::Mda3DFeat::setLL_GTG_ARH ( const AzRangeHeight &  a  )  [inline]

For now, we are defining the location of the feat by the LL AzRanHt.

void code::Mda3DFeat::setLL_GTG_loc ( const Location &  a  )  [inline]

void code::Mda3DFeat::setLL_MDA_ARH ( const AzRangeHeight &  a  )  [inline]

MDA Center is defined by the midpoint between max_vel and min_vel of LOWEST 2D feat.

void code::Mda3DFeat::setLL_MDA_loc ( const Location &  a  )  [inline]

void code::Mda3DFeat::setMaxGTG ( const double &  g  )  [inline]

void code::Mda3DFeat::setMaxRotV ( const double &  r  )  [inline]

void code::Mda3DFeat::setMaxShear ( const double &  s  )  [inline]

void code::Mda3DFeat::setMSI ( const double &  m  )  [inline]

void code::MdaFeature::setRadarLocation ( const Location &  l  )  [inline, inherited]

Reimplemented in code::Mda1DVect.

void code::MdaFeature::setRange ( const Length &  l  )  [inline, inherited]

void code::MdaFeature::setRank ( const int &  r  )  [inline, inherited]

void code::MdaFeature::setTempID ( const int &  i  )  [inline, inherited]

void code::Mda3DFeat::setTLAzRAnHt ( const AzRangeHeight &  a  )  [inline]

void code::Mda3DFeat::setTop ( const Length &  t  )  [inline]


void code::Mda3DFeat::sortByElevation (  )  [inline]

Sort by decreasing 2D feat elevation angle.

Member Data Documentation

AzRangeHeight code::MdaFeature::CENTER_ARH [protected, inherited]

Location code::MdaFeature::CENTER_LOC [protected, inherited]

int code::MdaFeature::ID [protected, inherited]

Angle code::MdaFeature::MOTION_DIR [protected, inherited]

Speed code::MdaFeature::MOTION_SPEED [protected, inherited]

Location code::MdaFeature::RADAR_LOC [protected, inherited]

Length code::MdaFeature::RANGE [protected, inherited]

int code::MdaFeature::RANK [protected, inherited]

int code::MdaFeature::TMP_ID [protected, inherited]

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