code::SatelliteDataHandler Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 SatelliteDataHandler (const std::string &outputDirectory, const std::string &lbname, const std::vector< std::string > &data_variable_names=std::vector< std::string >(), const std::string &dataType="Not Set")
virtual void processFileFinish (const std::string &dir, const std::string &filename)
 read the input file and write it out after modification
bool readData (const std::string &filename, SatelliteData &)
 Read data from file, return true if success.
virtual ~SatelliteDataHandler ()
bool setAllAttributes (code::LatLonGrid &, const SatelliteData &, const std::string &fileName)
void fillSatProdInfo ()
void addModifier (SmartPtr< DataModifier > m)
bool modifyBeforeWrite (code::LatLonGrid &llgrid)
void writeData (code::LatLonGrid &grid)
void writeData (code::LatLonGrid &grid, const std::string &desired_subtype)

Static Public Member Functions

static void setMissingDataValue (float m)
 MissingData to be used if input file does not specify it.

Static Public Attributes

static std::multimap< int,


struct  SatProdInfo

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

code::SatelliteDataHandler::SatelliteDataHandler ( const std::string &  outputDirectory,
const std::string &  lbname,
const std::vector< std::string > &  data_variable_names = std::vector< std::string >(),
const std::string &  dataType = "Not Set" 

virtual code::SatelliteDataHandler::~SatelliteDataHandler (  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void code::ModifyingDataHandler::addModifier ( SmartPtr< DataModifier m  )  [inline, inherited]

void code::SatelliteDataHandler::fillSatProdInfo (  ) 

bool code::ModifyingDataHandler::modifyBeforeWrite ( code::LatLonGrid &  llgrid  )  [inherited]

virtual void code::SatelliteDataHandler::processFileFinish ( const std::string &  dir,
const std::string &  filename 
) [virtual]

read the input file and write it out after modification

bool code::SatelliteDataHandler::readData ( const std::string &  filename,

Read data from file, return true if success.

bool code::SatelliteDataHandler::setAllAttributes ( code::LatLonGrid &  ,
const SatelliteData ,
const std::string &  fileName 

static void code::SatelliteDataHandler::setMissingDataValue ( float  m  )  [inline, static]

MissingData to be used if input file does not specify it.

void code::ModifyingDataHandler::writeData ( code::LatLonGrid &  grid,
const std::string &  desired_subtype 
) [inherited]

void code::ModifyingDataHandler::writeData ( code::LatLonGrid &  grid  )  [inherited]

Member Data Documentation

std::multimap< int, SatProdInfo> code::SatelliteDataHandler::prodInfoMap [static]

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