vol::RadialSetLookup::Correction Class Reference

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Detailed Description

To correct an Entry from one cache when it is used to supply data to another cache.

vol_RadialSetLookup.h,v 1.22 2010/05/04 18:04:01 lakshman Exp

Public Member Functions

 Correction (const std::string &extractionDir, const RadialSetLookup::Identity &providerCache, int xcorr, int ycorr, int zcorr)
bool correct (RadialSetLookup::Entry &entry, const code::LatLonHeightGrid::Coord &gridDim) const

Static Public Member Functions

static void setAllowedUncovered (int thresh)
 By default, the ALLOWED_UNCOVERED is 100 i.e.
static bool completelyCovered (const std::vector< Correction > &corr, const code::LatLonHeightGrid::Coord &required_gridsize)
 is this grid completely covered by these corrections?
static code::SmartPtr< RadialSetLookupextractRadialSetLookup (const std::vector< RadialSetLookup::Correction > &corrections, const RadialSetLookup::Identity &required)
 Given a set of corrections, will try to extract a complete radial set look up for the given grid.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

vol::RadialSetLookup::Correction::Correction ( const std::string &  extractionDir,
const RadialSetLookup::Identity providerCache,
int  xcorr,
int  ycorr,
int  zcorr 
) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

static bool vol::RadialSetLookup::Correction::completelyCovered ( const std::vector< Correction > &  corr,
const code::LatLonHeightGrid::Coord &  required_gridsize 
) [static]

is this grid completely covered by these corrections?

bool vol::RadialSetLookup::Correction::correct ( RadialSetLookup::Entry entry,
const code::LatLonHeightGrid::Coord &  gridDim 
) const

true if successfully corrected.

static code::SmartPtr<RadialSetLookup> vol::RadialSetLookup::Correction::extractRadialSetLookup ( const std::vector< RadialSetLookup::Correction > &  corrections,
const RadialSetLookup::Identity required 
) [static]

Given a set of corrections, will try to extract a complete radial set look up for the given grid.

The radial set and grid should match those that the corrections are for (no checks are done).

static void vol::RadialSetLookup::Correction::setAllowedUncovered ( int  thresh  )  [inline, static]

By default, the ALLOWED_UNCOVERED is 100 i.e.

not every grid point needs to be covered. Why? For example, suppose you have two non-overlapping grids with a radar in one grid but not another (because the radar doesn't impact the other). If you pick a grid that uses half of each grid, then theoretically the second half of the grid is "not covered" (because it contains no entries for the radar, it won't be in the vector of corrections). Thus, the default ALLOWED_UNCOVERED setting is very lax. You can make it conservative by calling setAllowedUncovered to be 0. Do this when you aren't sure your extraction cache already covers the area -- you might end up recomputing even when you don't need to.

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