w2cc::CloudCover::TemplateOutputGrid Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 TemplateOutputGrid (const code::Location &northwestCorner, const code::Location &southeastCorner, const code::LatLonGrid::DimType &angularSpacing)
code::LatLonGrid createNewGrid (const std::string &name, const code::Time &t)
 new grid of right dimensions with the right typename.

Static Public Member Functions

static TemplateOutputGrid create (const std::string &northwestCorner, const std::string &southeastCorner, const std::string &angularSpacing)
 Understands strings where the lat,lon etc.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

w2cc::CloudCover::TemplateOutputGrid::TemplateOutputGrid ( const code::Location &  northwestCorner,
const code::Location &  southeastCorner,
const code::LatLonGrid::DimType &  angularSpacing 

Member Function Documentation

static TemplateOutputGrid w2cc::CloudCover::TemplateOutputGrid::create ( const std::string &  northwestCorner,
const std::string &  southeastCorner,
const std::string &  angularSpacing 
) [static]

Understands strings where the lat,lon etc.

are separated by spaces

code::LatLonGrid w2cc::CloudCover::TemplateOutputGrid::createNewGrid ( const std::string &  name,
const code::Time &  t 

new grid of right dimensions with the right typename.

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