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Detailed Description

Forecasts lightning initiation and movement.

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Public Member Functions

void addLightningObs (const code::LatLonGrid &grid)
 LightningForecast (const LightningGrid &ltgGrid, const code::TimeInterval &howFarAhead, const std::vector< std::string > &inputTypes, const std::string &historyFile)
 Pass in the grid location and resolution.
void addIndexes (const std::vector< code::SmartPtr< code::Index > > &inputSource)
 add new indexes after construction.
code::LatLonGrid compute ()
 computes the lightning forecast and returns it.
const code::TimeInterval & getForecastInterval () const

Protected Member Functions

code::LatLonGrid createNewGrid (const std::string &typeName, const code::Time &latestTime, int ht_no) const

Protected Attributes

code::Location nwCorner
const code::LatLonGrid::DimType spacing
int num_lat
int num_lon
float lat_res
float lon_res
int num_hts
code::Length htspacing


struct  CachedInput

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

w2ltg::LightningForecast::LightningForecast ( const LightningGrid ltgGrid,
const code::TimeInterval &  howFarAhead,
const std::vector< std::string > &  inputTypes,
const std::string &  historyFile 

Pass in the grid location and resolution.

names of inputs (other than lightning)
history file to retreive earlier training inputs. May be empty or non-existent. WARNING! You need to call addIndexes if you need advection to work properly.

Member Function Documentation

void w2ltg::LightningForecast::addIndexes ( const std::vector< code::SmartPtr< code::Index > > &  inputSource  ) 

add new indexes after construction.

This step is required for advection to work properly

void w2ltg::LightningForecast::addLightningObs ( const code::LatLonGrid &  grid  ) 

code::LatLonGrid w2ltg::LightningForecast::compute (  ) 

computes the lightning forecast and returns it.

code::LatLonGrid w2ltg::LightningGrid::createNewGrid ( const std::string &  typeName,
const code::Time &  latestTime,
int  ht_no 
) const [protected, inherited]

const code::TimeInterval& w2ltg::LightningForecast::getForecastInterval (  )  const [inline]

Member Data Documentation

code::Length w2ltg::LightningGrid::htspacing [protected, inherited]

float w2ltg::LightningGrid::lat_res [protected, inherited]

float w2ltg::LightningGrid::lon_res [protected, inherited]

int w2ltg::LightningGrid::num_hts [protected, inherited]

int w2ltg::LightningGrid::num_lat [protected, inherited]

int w2ltg::LightningGrid::num_lon [protected, inherited]

code::Location w2ltg::LightningGrid::nwCorner [protected, inherited]

const code::LatLonGrid::DimType w2ltg::LightningGrid::spacing [protected, inherited]

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