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Detailed Description

Updates stations' precip observations, and computes a rain rate using a Kalman estimator.

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Public Member Functions

 RainRateTable (const std::string &outputDir, const std::string &outputLBName, const std::string &dataColumnName, const std::string &idColumnName, bool smoothWithTime)
void updateRainRate (const code::DataTable &tbl)
 update the rain-rate observations using data from this table.
virtual void processRainRateTable (const code::DataTable &tbl)
 Process rain-rate table.
virtual ~RainRateTable ()
virtual bool getXY (const code::Location &stationLoc, int *x, int *y)=0
 compute the x,y locations within the grid of interest, and

Static Public Member Functions

static bool computeXY (const code::LatLonGrid &grid, const code::Location &loc, int *x, int *y)
 convenience function that provides an implementation of getXY for a LatLonGrid.

Static Public Attributes

static const std::string RainRateUnit
static const std::string RainRateColumnName

Protected Types

typedef std::map< std::string,

Protected Attributes

code::SmartPtr< code::IndexRecordNotifier > myLB
std::string myOutputDir
std::string myRainColumn
std::string myRowName
ObsMap observations
bool shouldUseKalman


class  StationObservation
 A single station's observation. More...

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::map< std::string, StationObservation > w2preciprate::RainRateTable::ObsMap [protected]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

w2preciprate::RainRateTable::RainRateTable ( const std::string &  outputDir,
const std::string &  outputLBName,
const std::string &  dataColumnName,
const std::string &  idColumnName,
bool  smoothWithTime 

virtual w2preciprate::RainRateTable::~RainRateTable (  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

static bool w2preciprate::RainRateTable::computeXY ( const code::LatLonGrid &  grid,
const code::Location &  loc,
int *  x,
int *  y 
) [static]

convenience function that provides an implementation of getXY for a LatLonGrid.

virtual bool w2preciprate::RainRateTable::getXY ( const code::Location &  stationLoc,
int *  x,
int *  y 
) [pure virtual]

compute the x,y locations within the grid of interest, and

true if this location is of interest.

Implemented in w2preciprate::PrecipRate, and w2preciprate::RainGaugePrecipRate.

virtual void w2preciprate::RainRateTable::processRainRateTable ( const code::DataTable &  tbl  )  [inline, virtual]

Process rain-rate table.

Current implementation is to do nothing.

Reimplemented in w2preciprate::PrecipRate, and w2preciprate::RainGaugePrecipRate.

void w2preciprate::RainRateTable::updateRainRate ( const code::DataTable &  tbl  ) 

update the rain-rate observations using data from this table.

Member Data Documentation

code::SmartPtr<code::IndexRecordNotifier> w2preciprate::RainRateTable::myLB [protected]

std::string w2preciprate::RainRateTable::myOutputDir [protected]

std::string w2preciprate::RainRateTable::myRainColumn [protected]

std::string w2preciprate::RainRateTable::myRowName [protected]

ObsMap w2preciprate::RainRateTable::observations [protected]

const std::string w2preciprate::RainRateTable::RainRateColumnName [static]

const std::string w2preciprate::RainRateTable::RainRateUnit [static]

bool w2preciprate::RainRateTable::shouldUseKalman [protected]

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