w2qcref::CompositeStatistics Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Comprised of a number of individual Statistics.


Public Member Functions

 CompositeStatistics (const std::string &inputType, int elev)
void addStatistics (code::SmartPtr< Statistics > stat)
virtual size_t size () const
 number of statistics.
virtual ~CompositeStatistics ()
void compute (const code::PolarGrid &value, const code::Length &targetGateWidth, int targetNumGates)
 compute, and store, statistics from this polar grid.
void fillNNInput (std::vector< code::Image< float > > *params)
 copy the stored statistics into the passed-in vector.
const std::string & getInputType () const
int getElevation () const

Static Public Member Functions

static int SIGN (float v)
static int getGateIncrement (const code::Length &inGateWidth, const code::Length &targetGateWidth)
 Number of gates we have to skip to get the targetGateWidth.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

w2qcref::CompositeStatistics::CompositeStatistics ( const std::string &  inputType,
int  elev 
) [inline]

virtual w2qcref::CompositeStatistics::~CompositeStatistics (  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void w2qcref::CompositeStatistics::addStatistics ( code::SmartPtr< Statistics stat  )  [inline]

void w2qcref::CompositeStatistics::compute ( const code::PolarGrid &  value,
const code::Length &  targetGateWidth,
int  targetNumGates 
) [inline, virtual]

compute, and store, statistics from this polar grid.

Implements w2qcref::Statistics.

void w2qcref::CompositeStatistics::fillNNInput ( std::vector< code::Image< float > > *  params  )  [inline, virtual]

copy the stored statistics into the passed-in vector.

Implements w2qcref::Statistics.

int w2qcref::Statistics::getElevation (  )  const [inline, inherited]

static int w2qcref::Statistics::getGateIncrement ( const code::Length &  inGateWidth,
const code::Length &  targetGateWidth 
) [static, inherited]

Number of gates we have to skip to get the targetGateWidth.

For example, if the input grid has a resolution of 0.25km, but the target is 1km, the gate increment is 4.

const std::string& w2qcref::Statistics::getInputType (  )  const [inline, inherited]

static int w2qcref::Statistics::SIGN ( float  v  )  [inline, static, inherited]

virtual size_t w2qcref::CompositeStatistics::size (  )  const [inline, virtual]

number of statistics.

Implements w2qcref::Statistics.

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