w2torn::LayerAlgorithm Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Uses the Level of Free Convection (LFC) and Equilibrium Level (EqLevel) to compute average, maximum, etc.

of different layers

Public Types

 0 to LFC
 LFC to LFC + (EqLevel-LFC)/2.
 LFC to infinity.
enum  Layer { LowLevel, MidLevel, Aloft, NumLayers }

Public Member Functions

 LayerAlgorithm (const code::Location &radarLocation, const code::Angle &angResolution, const code::Length &radResolution, size_t numAngles, size_t numGates, double default_lfc_km=3.0, double default_eqlevel_km=9.0)
void updateLFC (const code::PolarGrid &lfc)
void updateEqLevel (const code::PolarGrid &eqlevel)
code::PolarGrid computeAverage (const std::vector< code::PolarGrid > &data, Layer layer)
 Computes the average value within the layer.
code::PolarGrid computeMaximum (const std::vector< code::PolarGrid > &data, Layer layer)
code::PolarGrid computeAbsMaximum (const std::vector< code::PolarGrid > &data, Layer layer)

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum w2torn::LayerAlgorithm::Layer

LowLevel  0 to LFC
MidLevel  LFC to LFC + (EqLevel-LFC)/2.
Aloft  LFC to infinity.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

w2torn::LayerAlgorithm::LayerAlgorithm ( const code::Location &  radarLocation,
const code::Angle &  angResolution,
const code::Length &  radResolution,
size_t  numAngles,
size_t  numGates,
double  default_lfc_km = 3.0,
double  default_eqlevel_km = 9.0 

Member Function Documentation

code::PolarGrid w2torn::LayerAlgorithm::computeAbsMaximum ( const std::vector< code::PolarGrid > &  data,
Layer  layer 

code::PolarGrid w2torn::LayerAlgorithm::computeAverage ( const std::vector< code::PolarGrid > &  data,
Layer  layer 

Computes the average value within the layer.

code::PolarGrid w2torn::LayerAlgorithm::computeMaximum ( const std::vector< code::PolarGrid > &  data,
Layer  layer 

void w2torn::LayerAlgorithm::updateEqLevel ( const code::PolarGrid &  eqlevel  ) 

void w2torn::LayerAlgorithm::updateLFC ( const code::PolarGrid &  lfc  ) 

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