NeuralNetworkInput Struct Reference

List of all members.

Public Attributes

int columnNo
 column number is 0,1,2 .
double sigma
double mean
int tornmin
int tornmax
int tornrule
 +ve: rule=high i.e.
int rangemin
int rangemax

Member Data Documentation

int NeuralNetworkInput::columnNo

column number is 0,1,2 .


double NeuralNetworkInput::mean

int NeuralNetworkInput::rangemax

int NeuralNetworkInput::rangemin

double NeuralNetworkInput::sigma

int NeuralNetworkInput::tornmax

int NeuralNetworkInput::tornmin

int NeuralNetworkInput::tornrule

+ve: rule=high i.e.

less than tornmin -> non-torn. -ve: rule=low i.e. greater than tornmax --> non-torn. 0: no rule should be applied to this input.

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