SIGMET::ProductConfiguration Struct Reference

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Detailed Description

Header in SIGMET data file Do not contains all the information originally in SIGMET RAW data.

Lulin Song
ProductConfiguration.h,v 1.6 2009/06/02 20:17:43 lakshman Exp

Public Attributes

StructureHeader struHdr
unsigned short pType
 Product type code.
unsigned short schdl
 Scheduling code.
int32_t secRuns
 Number of seconds to skip between runs.
YMDSTime prod_generated
YMDSTime input_ingestSweep
YMDSTime input_ingestFile
unsigned short flagWord
int maxRange
unsigned short dTypeG
 data type generated
char proj [12]
unsigned short dTypeU
 data type used as input
unsigned char projType
int zrC
int zrE
ProductSpecificInfo pinfo

Member Data Documentation

unsigned short SIGMET::ProductConfiguration::dTypeG

data type generated

unsigned short SIGMET::ProductConfiguration::dTypeU

data type used as input

unsigned short SIGMET::ProductConfiguration::flagWord

YMDSTime SIGMET::ProductConfiguration::input_ingestFile

YMDSTime SIGMET::ProductConfiguration::input_ingestSweep

int SIGMET::ProductConfiguration::maxRange

ProductSpecificInfo SIGMET::ProductConfiguration::pinfo

YMDSTime SIGMET::ProductConfiguration::prod_generated

char SIGMET::ProductConfiguration::proj[12]

unsigned char SIGMET::ProductConfiguration::projType

unsigned short SIGMET::ProductConfiguration::pType

Product type code.

unsigned short SIGMET::ProductConfiguration::schdl

Scheduling code.

int32_t SIGMET::ProductConfiguration::secRuns

Number of seconds to skip between runs.

StructureHeader SIGMET::ProductConfiguration::struHdr

int SIGMET::ProductConfiguration::zrC

int SIGMET::ProductConfiguration::zrE

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