code::AlgorithmCreator::InputIndexInfo Struct Reference

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Public Member Functions

 InputIndexInfo ()
 InputIndexInfo (const XML::Element &data, AlgorithmCreator::State &creator) throw (code::Exception)
void addToUsage (std::string &opt, std::string &help) const
 The first string is an enumeration of the options: "i:o:r" etc.
std::string getOptionSettingSourceCode () const

Public Attributes

CommandLineOption cmdLine
std::string history
std::vector< DataInfoinputData
bool notifyEndDataset

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

code::AlgorithmCreator::InputIndexInfo::InputIndexInfo (  )  [inline]

code::AlgorithmCreator::InputIndexInfo::InputIndexInfo ( const XML::Element &  data,
AlgorithmCreator::State creator 
) throw (code::Exception)

Member Function Documentation

void code::AlgorithmCreator::InputIndexInfo::addToUsage ( std::string &  opt,
std::string &  help 
) const [inline]

The first string is an enumeration of the options: "i:o:r" etc.

The second string is a verbose description.

std::string code::AlgorithmCreator::InputIndexInfo::getOptionSettingSourceCode (  )  const [inline]

Member Data Documentation

CommandLineOption code::AlgorithmCreator::InputIndexInfo::cmdLine

std::string code::AlgorithmCreator::InputIndexInfo::history

std::vector< DataInfo > code::AlgorithmCreator::InputIndexInfo::inputData

bool code::AlgorithmCreator::InputIndexInfo::notifyEndDataset

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