vol::RawObservationStruct Struct Reference

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Detailed Description

A data structure to store mapped values on disk.

This is created by by the RawObservationsVolumeCreator and treated as a DataType by the BlendedVolumeCreator

vol_RawObservationStruct.h,v 1.1 2010/03/18 21:13:42 lakshman Exp

Public Member Functions

code::Index::Record save (const std::string &datadir)
bool init (const std::string &filename)

Public Attributes

std::string typeName
std::string unit
std::string radarName
float lat
float lon
float ht
time_t data_time
time_t valid_time
int vcp
float elev
std::vector< LinemarkedLines
std::vector< Observationrawobs


struct  Line
 Optimized way to store runs of pixels to be marked. More...
struct  Observation

Member Function Documentation

bool vol::RawObservationStruct::init ( const std::string &  filename  ) 

code::Index::Record vol::RawObservationStruct::save ( const std::string &  datadir  ) 

Member Data Documentation

time_t vol::RawObservationStruct::data_time

float vol::RawObservationStruct::elev

float vol::RawObservationStruct::ht

float vol::RawObservationStruct::lat

float vol::RawObservationStruct::lon

std::vector<Line> vol::RawObservationStruct::markedLines

std::string vol::RawObservationStruct::radarName

std::vector<Observation> vol::RawObservationStruct::rawobs

std::string vol::RawObservationStruct::typeName

std::string vol::RawObservationStruct::unit

time_t vol::RawObservationStruct::valid_time

int vol::RawObservationStruct::vcp

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