vol::VolumeCreator::GridSpecification Struct Reference

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Detailed Description

The dimensions of the grid used by the volume creator are set by the North-West-Top, South-East-Bottom locations and the grid point spacing required.

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Public Member Functions

const std::vector< code::Length > & getNonUniformHeights () const
 will be empty if this is a uniform grid.
 GridSpecification (const std::string &topcorner, const std::string &botcorner, const std::string &spacing, const std::string &outputType) throw (code::Exception)
 The strings supply the required values separated by spaces.
 GridSpecification (const code::Location &north_west_top, const code::Location &south_east_bot, const code::Angle &latitude_spacing, const code::Angle &longitude_spacing, const code::Length &height_spacing, const std::string &typeName)
 the required attributes for a uniformly spaced grid.
code::LatLonHeightGrid::Coord size () const
code::LatLonHeightGrid::DimType getGridSpacing () const
code::Location getOrigin () const
const std::string & getHeightSpacingName () const
 returns the name that this spacing was given in the w2algs/w2merger.xml file.
void getIndexOf (const code::Location &loc, float *y, float *z) const
 Will return an offset.
 GridSpecification ()
 for STL only.

Public Attributes

code::Location north_west_top
code::Location south_east_bot
code::Angle lat_spacing
code::Angle lon_spacing
code::Length ht_spacing
std::vector< code::Length > nonUniformHeights
std::string typeName
std::string htSpacingName

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

vol::VolumeCreator::GridSpecification::GridSpecification ( const std::string &  topcorner,
const std::string &  botcorner,
const std::string &  spacing,
const std::string &  outputType 
) throw (code::Exception)

The strings supply the required values separated by spaces.

For example the lat-lon-ht of the topcorner is given by "35 -97 17" while the spacing may be given by "0.01 0.01 1.0"

The height spacing may be alphabetic, for example: "wish" in which case the height levels are read in from the w2config/algs/w2merger.xml file.

vol::VolumeCreator::GridSpecification::GridSpecification ( const code::Location &  north_west_top,
const code::Location &  south_east_bot,
const code::Angle &  latitude_spacing,
const code::Angle &  longitude_spacing,
const code::Length &  height_spacing,
const std::string &  typeName 

the required attributes for a uniformly spaced grid.

vol::VolumeCreator::GridSpecification::GridSpecification (  )  [inline]

for STL only.

Member Function Documentation

code::LatLonHeightGrid::DimType vol::VolumeCreator::GridSpecification::getGridSpacing (  )  const

const std::string& vol::VolumeCreator::GridSpecification::getHeightSpacingName (  )  const [inline]

returns the name that this spacing was given in the w2algs/w2merger.xml file.

void vol::VolumeCreator::GridSpecification::getIndexOf ( const code::Location &  loc,
float *  y,
float *  z 
) const

Will return an offset.

This offset may be negative or outside the grid.

const std::vector<code::Length>& vol::VolumeCreator::GridSpecification::getNonUniformHeights (  )  const [inline]

will be empty if this is a uniform grid.

code::Location vol::VolumeCreator::GridSpecification::getOrigin (  )  const

code::LatLonHeightGrid::Coord vol::VolumeCreator::GridSpecification::size (  )  const

Member Data Documentation

code::Length vol::VolumeCreator::GridSpecification::ht_spacing

std::string vol::VolumeCreator::GridSpecification::htSpacingName

code::Angle vol::VolumeCreator::GridSpecification::lat_spacing

code::Angle vol::VolumeCreator::GridSpecification::lon_spacing

std::vector<code::Length> vol::VolumeCreator::GridSpecification::nonUniformHeights

code::Location vol::VolumeCreator::GridSpecification::north_west_top

code::Location vol::VolumeCreator::GridSpecification::south_east_bot

std::string vol::VolumeCreator::GridSpecification::typeName

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