w2img::CrossDissolveStrategy Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Done pixel-to-pixel linear interpolation between the values.

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Public Member Functions

 CrossDissolveStrategy (float minThresh)
virtual ~CrossDissolveStrategy ()
virtual void init (const code::LatLonGrid &a, const code::LatLonGrid &b)
virtual code::LatLonGrid morph (float frac_w2)

Static Public Member Functions

static void crossDissolve (const code::Dim2D< float > &image1, const code::Dim2D< float > &image2, float frac_w2, float min_thresh, code::Dim2D< float > &result)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

w2img::CrossDissolveStrategy::CrossDissolveStrategy ( float  minThresh  ) 

virtual w2img::CrossDissolveStrategy::~CrossDissolveStrategy (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

static void w2img::MorphTrack::Strategy::crossDissolve ( const code::Dim2D< float > &  image1,
const code::Dim2D< float > &  image2,
float  frac_w2,
float  min_thresh,
code::Dim2D< float > &  result 
) [static, inherited]

virtual void w2img::CrossDissolveStrategy::init ( const code::LatLonGrid &  a,
const code::LatLonGrid &  b 
) [virtual]

Implements w2img::MorphTrack::Strategy.

virtual code::LatLonGrid w2img::CrossDissolveStrategy::morph ( float  frac_w2  )  [virtual]

Implements w2img::MorphTrack::Strategy.

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