w2img::FilterListener Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Listens for events and passes the object to an Data2DFilter for processing.

Then writes out the results and notifies the LB.

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Public Member Functions

 FilterListener (code::SmartPtr< Data2DFilter > theFilter, const std::string &odir, const std::string &lbname)
void addInputType (const std::string &inputType)
 Make this an valid input type, to be filtered.
virtual void setSubTypeProvider (code::SmartPtr< SubTypeProvider > p)
 Change the subtype here.
virtual void writeResult (code::DataType &dt)
template<class T>
void writeResult (code::Collection< T > &coll)
virtual bool shouldProcess (const code::Index::Record &rec) const
 Over-ride this method to change how to decide whether or not to process a record.
virtual void actionPerformed (const code::ActionEvent *e)
virtual void writeOutputRecord (code::Index::Record &rec)
virtual void processRecord (const code::Index::Record &rec)
virtual code::SmartPtr< code::DataType > createObject (const code::Index::Record &rec)
 By default, calls rec.createObject(); over-ride if you have a better way.
virtual ~FilterListener ()

Protected Attributes

std::set< std::string > inputTypes
std::string outputDir
std::string lbName
code::SmartPtr< code::IndexRecordNotifier > lb
code::SmartPtr< Data2DFiltermyFilter
code::SmartPtr< SubTypeProvidermySubTypeProvider


class  SubTypeProvider

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

w2img::FilterListener::FilterListener ( code::SmartPtr< Data2DFilter theFilter,
const std::string &  odir,
const std::string &  lbname 

virtual w2img::FilterListener::~FilterListener (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void w2img::FilterListener::actionPerformed ( const code::ActionEvent *  e  )  [virtual]

void w2img::FilterListener::addInputType ( const std::string &  inputType  )  [inline]

Make this an valid input type, to be filtered.

If this method is called, then only specifically included products will be filtered.

If this method is not called, then all products will be filtered.

virtual code::SmartPtr< code::DataType > w2img::FilterListener::createObject ( const code::Index::Record &  rec  )  [virtual]

By default, calls rec.createObject(); over-ride if you have a better way.

virtual void w2img::FilterListener::processRecord ( const code::Index::Record &  rec  )  [virtual]

virtual void w2img::FilterListener::setSubTypeProvider ( code::SmartPtr< SubTypeProvider p  )  [inline, virtual]

Change the subtype here.

virtual bool w2img::FilterListener::shouldProcess ( const code::Index::Record &  rec  )  const [virtual]

Over-ride this method to change how to decide whether or not to process a record.

virtual void w2img::FilterListener::writeOutputRecord ( code::Index::Record &  rec  )  [virtual]

template<class T>
void w2img::FilterListener::writeResult ( code::Collection< T > &  coll  ) 

virtual void w2img::FilterListener::writeResult ( code::DataType &  dt  )  [virtual]

Member Data Documentation

std::set< std::string > w2img::FilterListener::inputTypes [protected]

code::SmartPtr<code::IndexRecordNotifier> w2img::FilterListener::lb [protected]

std::string w2img::FilterListener::lbName [protected]

code::SmartPtr< Data2DFilter > w2img::FilterListener::myFilter [protected]

code::SmartPtr<SubTypeProvider> w2img::FilterListener::mySubTypeProvider [protected]

std::string w2img::FilterListener::outputDir [protected]

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