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Algorithm main class, whose methods are invoked by various listeners in w2scoregrid_main.cc and w2runningdiff_main.cc Interface code auto-generated by w2algcreator.

w2img_GridComparator.h,v 1.11 2009/06/02 20:17:58 lakshman Exp

Public Member Functions

 GridComparator (const std::string &outputDir, const std::string &outputLBName, bool realtime, const std::string &dataRange, bool reVerse, const std::string &searchRadius, const std::string &acceptableTimeDiffInMinutes, bool writeDifferenceField, const std::string &columnName, bool includeNulls, const std::string &gatesForRange)
 Algorithm constructor, called from the _main with the command-line options passed in.
void processTargetField (const code::DataType &data)
void processEstimateField (const code::DataType &data)
void processInputField (const code::DataType &data)
 Use this to create a running difference.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

w2img::GridComparator::GridComparator ( const std::string &  outputDir,
const std::string &  outputLBName,
bool  realtime,
const std::string &  dataRange,
bool  reVerse,
const std::string &  searchRadius,
const std::string &  acceptableTimeDiffInMinutes,
bool  writeDifferenceField,
const std::string &  columnName,
bool  includeNulls,
const std::string &  gatesForRange 

Algorithm constructor, called from the _main with the command-line options passed in.

Member Function Documentation

void w2img::GridComparator::processEstimateField ( const code::DataType &  data  ) 

void w2img::GridComparator::processInputField ( const code::DataType &  data  ) 

Use this to create a running difference.

void w2img::GridComparator::processTargetField ( const code::DataType &  data  ) 

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