w2img::MovingAverageEstimator Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The moving average estimator works just like the Kalman Estimator, except that, instead of using a Kalman filter to estimate the true current value, it uses a moving average.

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Public Member Functions

void update (float z_k, int MAXIMUM_HISTORY=5)
 update the filter with an observation.
float getValue () const
 get the model value, which is the moving average.
void getMeanStdDev (float *mean, float *std_deviation) const
 get the model's std-deviation

Member Function Documentation

void w2img::MovingAverageEstimator::getMeanStdDev ( float *  mean,
float *  std_deviation 
) const

get the model's std-deviation

float w2img::MovingAverageEstimator::getValue (  )  const

get the model value, which is the moving average.

void w2img::MovingAverageEstimator::update ( float  z_k,

update the filter with an observation.

Specify also how many previous observations should be used. This will automatically prune the list of observations held to that number. The default is to use 5 numbers.

If MAXIMUM_HISTORY is negative, an unlimited history will be used. WARNING: unlike the Kalman estimator, this is very expensive memory-wise since we have to store all the data. Also, unlike the Kalman estimator, there is no way for the moving average to place more weight on later observations, so a positive MAXIMUM_HISTORY is recommended.

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