w2img::HoughLineFinder::Line Struct Reference

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Detailed Description

A line found using the Hough transform.

The line is represented by the equation x * cos(theta) + y * sin(theta) = rho

Public Member Functions

 Line (float rho_, float costheta_, float sintheta_)
 Line ()
int getYforX (int x) const
void updateVote (int x, int y, int s)
int getDistFromBoundingBox (int x, int y)

Public Attributes

int minx
int miny
int maxx
int maxy
int N
float rho
float cos_theta
float sin_theta
int strength

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

w2img::HoughLineFinder::Line::Line ( float  rho_,
float  costheta_,
float  sintheta_ 
) [inline]

w2img::HoughLineFinder::Line::Line (  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

int w2img::HoughLineFinder::Line::getDistFromBoundingBox ( int  x,
int  y 
) [inline]

int w2img::HoughLineFinder::Line::getYforX ( int  x  )  const [inline]

void w2img::HoughLineFinder::Line::updateVote ( int  x,
int  y,
int  s 
) [inline]

Member Data Documentation

float w2img::HoughLineFinder::Line::cos_theta

int w2img::HoughLineFinder::Line::maxx

int w2img::HoughLineFinder::Line::maxy

int w2img::HoughLineFinder::Line::minx

int w2img::HoughLineFinder::Line::miny

int w2img::HoughLineFinder::Line::N

float w2img::HoughLineFinder::Line::rho

float w2img::HoughLineFinder::Line::sin_theta

int w2img::HoughLineFinder::Line::strength

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