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Obtaining WDSS-II


Please read the following before submitting the request:

Who is a valid user of the free version of WDSS-II?

  1. Students pursuing a degree at an accredited university who need to use this software for their research.
  2. Educators in their classroom and laboratories. (If you will get funding for creating new courses, please consider supporting our work).
  3. Employees of non-profit institutions involved in research.
When you write proposals that will make use of WDSS-II, please budget some funding for us to continue to create algorithms and visualization tools! Please contact us so that we can discuss an appropriate level of funding.

What can valid users do with this software?

  1. Conduct research studies.
  2. Build new algorithms using the WDSS-II API.
  3. Visualize data sets.
If you design a new algorithm using the WDSS-II API, we want to hear about it!

What can you not do with this software?

  1. Run it operationally.
  2. Distribute weather warnings or make weather forecasts or decisions based on this software.
  3. Run it real-time.
  4. Redistribute the software.
  5. Make commercial use of the software.
If you do not see your potential use of WDSS-II in the above lists, please contact us. Don't assume it's okay to just do it These restrictions are in place because WDSS-II is licensed for real-time operational use to private companies by the University of Oklahoma.

Referencing WDSS-II in publications

If you use the WDSS-II software for research, please reference:

  • Lakshmanan, V., T. Smith, G. J. Stumpf, and K. Hondl, 2007: The warning decision support system - integrated information (WDSS-II). Weather and Forecasting, 22, No. 3, 592-608.

  • Please also see the more complete list of papers, including papers for the individual algorithms.

    WDSS-II Download Request

  • Please contact Kiel Ortega for the research/evaluation version of WDSS-II, or authorization extension files for current WDSS-II users.