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Obtaining WDSS-II


Serving WDSS-II products using the web

Choose how you want to do this:
  1. Create Geotiff images using w2geotiff and serve them out to Google Earth
  2. Create png images using w2pngconvert and serve them out to any browser with Javascript
  3. Put your netcdf files out on the webserver and have a remotely running WDSS-II display (wg or wg2) download and display the data
You can see examples of (1) and (2) in our real-time page.

(3) Serving netcdf and XML files to wg

  1. If you are serving out the data directly from the machine that they are created in, you can skip this step. Otherwise, you will need to get the data to the webserver using LDM Note that you will use -L on w2mirror to send both the fml and netcdf files and that on the receiving end, you will use w2receive_multiple_files.sh.
  2. Install Java on the webserver. Do not use the GNU Java that comes with Linux. Instead, install 64-bit Java using the instructions here: java.com. Make sure that this Java is the one that you get when you type "java" on the command-line (i.e. place it in your PATH ahead of gnu's Java).
  3. Download and untar wdssiijava.tgz from wdssii.org.
  4. Run the webserver using this command: (you can add this to your w2alg.conf if you want):
    java -Xmn50M -Xms200M -Xmx200M -jar /home/wdssii/wdssiijava/dist/wdssii.jar org.wdssii.webindex.ws.WSEndpoint /home/wdssii/webindex.xml
    Type the command without the final argument (webindex.xml) and the program will generate a template webindex.xml that you can modify.
  5. Users will be able to connect to your data source by typing the URL:
    in the wg "Add Source" dialog. Change the machine name (wdssii.nssl.noaa.gov in the above example) and the source name (KTLX in the above example) appropriately.

Please post any questions on the discussion forum.