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A way to output the region boundaries along with their movement.

WeatherScitOutput.h,v 1.8 2009/06/02 20:17:50 lakshman Exp

Public Member Functions

 WeatherScitOutput (int scale, const MultiscaleObjectTracker::RegionsProperties &prop, const WeatherScitOutput::NavigationInformation &origin, float x0, float y0, float pix_per_km, const WeatherScitOutput::PolygonController *controller)
 Construct a WeatherScit object from the output of a MultiscaleObjectTracker at a certain scale.
code::ContourData getContourData (bool current_or_forecast) const


code::BOOStream & operator<< (code::BOOStream &out, const WeatherScitOutput &obj)


struct  NavigationInformation
 Location of the origin. More...
class  PointLocation
 Way of encoding the location of a point or of encoding movement between frames. More...
class  PolygonController
 A function object given to the WeatherScitOutput to tell it whether to draw an octagon or simply a rectangle. More...
class  RegionInformation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

kmeans::WeatherScitOutput::WeatherScitOutput ( int  scale,
const MultiscaleObjectTracker::RegionsProperties prop,
const WeatherScitOutput::NavigationInformation origin,
float  x0,
float  y0,
float  pix_per_km,
const WeatherScitOutput::PolygonController controller 

Construct a WeatherScit object from the output of a MultiscaleObjectTracker at a certain scale.

The controller may be zero if you simply want rectangles for everything.

Member Function Documentation

code::ContourData kmeans::WeatherScitOutput::getContourData ( bool  current_or_forecast  )  const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

code::BOOStream& operator<< ( code::BOOStream &  out,
const WeatherScitOutput obj 
) [friend]

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