kmeans::WeatherScitOutput::RegionInformation Class Reference

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 RegionInformation (const MultiscaleObjectTracker::RegionProperty &prop, float x0, float y0, float pix_per_km, const WeatherScitOutput::PolygonController *controller)
 RegionInformation ()
 This constructor is there to permit use of STL.


class WeatherScitOutput
code::BOOStream & operator<< (code::BOOStream &out, const RegionInformation &obj)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

kmeans::WeatherScitOutput::RegionInformation::RegionInformation ( const MultiscaleObjectTracker::RegionProperty &  prop,
float  x0,
float  y0,
float  pix_per_km,
const WeatherScitOutput::PolygonController controller 

kmeans::WeatherScitOutput::RegionInformation::RegionInformation (  )  [inline]

This constructor is there to permit use of STL.

do not use otherwise.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

code::BOOStream& operator<< ( code::BOOStream &  out,
const RegionInformation obj 
) [friend]

friend class WeatherScitOutput [friend]

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